EuBea Festival – A good brief is the starting point for an effective event

EuBea Festival – A good brief is the starting point for an effective event

Creativity alone is not enough: we need a meaningful concept and clear objectives to achieve significant results. This is what emerged from the last panel discussion on the second day of the festival, which saw the participation of Luca Favetta (HP), Beatrice Carli Moretti (GlaxoSmithKline) and Björn Wigforss (Microsoft).

On the day of the EuBea Festival dedicated to workshops, the last panel discussion, entitled ‘The clients final word’, dealt with the issues of co-creation, branding and innovation. Luca Favetta, Senior Director HP Events Hewlett-Packard; Beatrice Carli Moretti, Head of Communications Southern Europe GlaxoSmithKline, and Björn Wigforss, Global Events Director & Head of Publishers Microsoft, were all invited to discuss these topics.

 The focus was, in particular, on the often complicated relationship between agencies and clients, on which much of the effectiveness of an event depends.

 “Agencies tend to give much importance to creativity and to the ‘wow’ effect, but they should be aware of the fact that creativity alone is not enoughFavetta said – It’s essential to start from the relationship with the brand and consider the type of event that you are working on: sometimes you don’t even need to be creative”.

“In our case, the brand is crucial – said Björn Wigforss – Every time we create an event, the focus is on Microsoft and the event comes to life around the brand”.

“Certainly, creativity is important, but it must be linked to a significant concept – added Carli Moretti – An event is not only represented by the location or the staging, participants need to gain something more from it“. And the same can be said about technology.


However, it’s not only the agencies’ ‘fault’, as highlighted by Favetta: “A good brief is the first step towards the realization of an effective event”.

“There should be collaboration between the agency and the client”, added Carli Moretti, “the company can’t expect the agency to solve all the problems and the agency shouldn’t be afraid to contact the customer if it considers the brief too generic.”

A good solution, according to all the speakers, is to work together to reach the objectives, taking into account that they must be achievable. Regarding the results, the tools we have nowadays allow an effective monitoring, so that companies can realize the real value of an event.