EuBea Festival – A confrontation on digital, video and destinations

EuBea Festival – A confrontation on digital, video and destinations

The most current issues were the focus of the first four round tables at the EuBea Festival. The tables format was very innovative: they were physically separated so that attendees could choose where to sit to discuss the theme they preferred.


The round tables, which took place during the second day of the EuBea Festival, on 24th October 2014, were the perfect occasion to discuss the current issues in the events industry.

The format was very innovative: participants could sit at four different tables, each of which, under the guidance of a coordinator, was invited to exchange views on a specific topic, like the role and importance of digital and social media, or the possibility of interacting with convention bureaus.


‘Digital, web and social media:  Tapping into the social economy’ was the theme of the orange table. Lilach Bullock, Co-Founder, one of Forbes Top 20 Women Power Influencers, focused on topics like where to contact and interact with the audience, the events’ measurement – “almost never applied, as told by participants” – the promotion and the effectiveness of the ‘buzz‘ to increase the ‘echo’ of an event after its conclusion.

Digital technology was also the focus of the discussion at the green table, centered on the theme ‘From digital experiences to Live: How to build engagement and excitement’, coordinated by Kevin Jackson, Vice President, Sales and Marketing George P. Johnson . There’s no separation between the live and digital dimension: all participants agreed on this, and pointed out that in both cases – whether it’s digital or live events – the most important aspect is the experience.

At the yellow table, Andrew  Smith, Creative Director a-vision UK, discussed the theme ‘The  art of setting: Innovation on the big screen’, drawing the attention of its ‘colle

Last but not least, the relationship between convention bureaus and events (‘Working with destinations and on major events: dispelling old perceptions’) was at the center of the discussion at the pink table, led by Barbara Jamison, Head of Business Development Europe London and Partners.