EuBea Festival, amazing participation and results. Praise from the events community

EuBea Festival, amazing participation and results. Praise from the events community

More than 400 delegates from 20 European countries attended the two-day event in Seville, taking advantage of many opportunities for networking, business and study offered by the first edition of an event that, year after year, and after this amazing and surprising start, will become more and more a benchmark for the events industry in Europe.

The successful first edition of EuBea Festival has come to an end. The initiative dedicated to the European events industry and designed, organized and promoted by ADC Group took place on 23-24 October in Seville, at the exclusive Hotel Barcelo Sevilla Renacimiento.

More than 400 delegates from 23 European countries gathered at the Spanish resort to judge the shortlisted events, attend the ceremony during which the Elephantines were delivered and take advantage of many opportunities for networking and business with the European events community.

Salvatore Sagone, president of ADC Group, commented enthusiastically: “Our goals were fully achieved. As a matter of fact I’d say that the huge participation in the event went beyond our most optimistic expectations. We were able to create an opportunity of networking for all the professionals in the events industry. In Seville, each delegate had the chance to meet representatives from big spenders companies and from the most important event agencies, but also colleagues and potential clients, and they could also enjoy unexpected and surprising contents”.

Just a few hours after the end of the event, there was already a lot of positive feedback from the participants.

The events community, then, recognized the high value of an event that legitimize an increasingly influential reality in business communication decisions. In a global scenario where brand experience, storytelling and sharing are the only aspects that count the most, the Event, during the past few years, was able to change, evolve and become more hybrid, participatory and creative.

As every year, the Italian Bea and the European Bea are the best showcase of creativity and the most truthful evidence of the evolution of the medium.

The two plenary sessions of the jury have been an occasion of confrontation and enrichment, especially as this year the sessions were ‘open’, giving delegates the opportunity to attend them and view the videos of the shortlisted projects. Moreover, the ‘live’ presentation format, already used last year for the Italian Bea, was exdended to the European Bea.

67 EUBEA 2014

“The atmosphere was great – said Sagone – the reaction to the ‘live’ presentation format was enthusiastic. Out of 60 agencies in the short list, only four could not participate due to logistic and organizational reasons. Other agencies not only took part in the presentations, but they also did it in very creative and original ways. We could say that the presentations were events themselves, that showed the so-called ‘e-Factor’ (‘event Factor’) of each candidate. “

What can we expect for 2015? Organizers have already started working in order to make, year after year, EuBea Festival a real benchmark for the European events industry.


EuBea Festival in numbers

– Over 400 delegates from more than 20 European countries

20 speakers from Europe, Asia and the United States

163 events entered from 22 countries

+56% of entries for EuBea 2014 vs. 2013

90 shortlisted events for EuBea 2014

87 agencies/companies: 11 Italian agencies, 76 European agencies

24 European jurors

107 events entered for Bea Italia 2014

54 shortlisted events for Bea Italia 2014

17 Italian jurors

71 prizes awarded at EuBea 2014

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