EuBEA drives Events to Europe

Events players don’t want to stay closed within their national frames anymore, they want to cross borders to find new markets and new inspiration for creativity.

06This is why EuBEA is becoming more and more important for the European event industry. The evidence of the trend towards Europe is given by the growing interest in EuBEA, which is the only prize that awards events at European level.

Events specialists who want to have a leading role in this new European challenge, aim to nominate their best events at EuBEA for several reasons:

– To present, or consolidate their brands at European level
– To measure themselves on a higher level
– To be self-motivated to do better and better
– To get from the others new fresh creativity to ‘take home’
– To receive a prestigious award to be proud of

Going to Europe seems to be the recipe to face the current economical crisis, and also a way to improve the creativity of events.

“We must play on the European field if we want to grow like we did in the past” says Montse Steward, Co-director at La5excelencia (Spain), winner of EuBEA 1st prize for the excellence of creativity – watch the video. Thinking out of the borders, to La5excelencia, means to be more responsive to the opportunity that, even these days, event industry offers.
27Names, the Pan-European association that integrates events agencies from 17 different European countries, has the same attitude. They won the Golden Elephant, that is the first EuBEA prize awarding the overall Best Event of the year in Europe, with ‘Surprise Catwalk‘, organized by Fieldwork for Fretex. The peculiarity of 27Names is to put different cultures at the service of creativity. Imagine what happens when you put together ideas coming from such different cultures, from the Baltic to the Mediterranean one. From this point of view, working at European level means an exchange that enriches the creativity.

As the trend of event industry goes towards Europe, so EuBEA is becoming more and more important for the European event industry. To enter the award, agencies have to wait a few weeks more, in fact registration will open 14th May 2012.