EuBea: a unique opportunity to learn and get inspired

EuBea: a unique opportunity to learn and get inspired

What to expect from the 11th edition of EuBea? Here is the answer of Ilka Dzeik, Strategic Advisor of EuBea Festival 2016 & Senior Partner of Event ROI Institute.

Ilka 3The EuBea Festival 2016 is the perfect platform for event professionals to get an update on the industry.

It offers a unique opportunity to learn from numerous successful live communication best practices and industry-leading speakers. It is also a perfect platform to connect to the biggest gathering of event professionals from corporations, agencies and media  – all following the same mission to inspire and empower the industry for a successful future.

This year the second day of the festival – the Leadership Program delivers high value because of the variety of tailored keynotes, sessions and intense workshops. On-top all speakers and jury members are available for scheduled appointments to discuss individual challenges.

There is no better opportunity to get a preview of the future of the industry, to increase knowledge and to learn new skills to deliver better events.

Check out the Festival Programme and don’t miss your chance to attend the most important event of the industry!