EuBEA: 60 shortlisted events to be judged in Malta

EuBEA: 60 shortlisted events to be judged in Malta

The first round of voting of the subscribed events for the 8th edition of EuBEA, the awards organised by ADC Group, has ended. From 25th to 29th September, the jurors have expressed their opinion via the online platform especially designed for the occasion. Each event was accompanied by a description, images and videos.
Among the 104 projects, which have been entered by 63 agencies and companies in order to try to win Bea Europe’s Gold Elephant, 60 events have been shortlisted (all of those that received an average score of 7 or more).

The shortlist can be found online, on our website, in the ‘Winners‘ section.

The events are divided by type (the ‘Hybrid Event’ type has been introduced this year to include all those projects that see a joint use of offline and online engagement tools). The most represented type is Product/ Service Launch with 10 projects, followed by B2B events, with 8 candidates.

This year, the jury will be chaired by Michael Mueller, Campaign Manager Corporate Marketing of Samsung.

As previously mentioned, thanks to the partnership signed by ADC Group with Malta Tourism Authority (MTA) , the jury will meet in Malta from 11th to 13th October. The Mediterranean island will host the plenary session of EuBEA and BEA Italia’s jury.

The awards ceremony will take place on 26th November during Bea Expo Festival at the National Museum of Science and Technology in Milan.

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