EuBea 2016: check out all categories and catch the Elephant!

EuBea 2016: check out all categories and catch the Elephant!

Many novelties feature this year in the EuBea competition, starting from the event categories.

elephantEntrant agency will have the opportunity to enter their events and live communication projects in fourteen Event Categories and in four brand new Feature Categories. The first refer and apply to a classification of events by their production and objective peculiarities, while the latter can apply to any Event Category, but refer only to a specific aspect of the event.

Another important innovation is the possibility to enter a project also in one of the two Macro Categories –  Business Event and Consumer Event – once the project has already been entered in one of the Event or Feature Categories. Winners of these Awards will bring back home a Gold Elephant Trophy as a recognition for a highly stimulating challenge.

The eligibility period for the 2016 EuBea edition is 1st August 2015 – 31st July 2016 and all entries must be submitted no later than 31st July 2016.

The list of Event Categories, Feature Categories and Macro Categories follows below:


  1. CONGRESS/CONFERENCE: Meetings of representatives of a profession, trade body or other interest group to present and discuss a specific topic of common interest targeted to an audience external to the organiser.
  2. CONVENTION: Events focused on internal and/or external target groups, featuring both institutional and entertainment elements, such as presentation of corporate goals, keynote speakers, awards, guest celebrities, etc.
  3. CULTURAL EVENT: Events that combine cultural impact with show and entertainment values in an original and engaging way.
  4. EDUCATIONAL/TRAINING EVENT: Events with training/educational goals aimed at any kind of audience.
  5. INCENTIVE/TEAM BUILDING: Incentive travel and team building events to foster motivation, strengthen the loyalty towards a company and to encourage the reach for business goals. They can be targeted both to an internal or external target.
  6. LIVE ENTERTAINMENT: Business or consumer entertaining events such as live shows, video-mappings, technological and artistic installations, shows specifically conceived for amusement parks, etc.
  7. MUSICAL EVENT: Musical entertainment/performances, such as concerts, musical comedies/dramas, music festivals, etc., organised by a private company.
  8. NON-PROFIT/SOCIAL SERVICE EVENT: Events committed to a social issue AND with non-profit goals.
  9. OPENING/CELEBRATION/FESTIVITY EVENT: Ceremonies to celebrate a grand opening of a location or a long-term event, or to commemorate a recurrence, an anniversary or any other special occasion. This can have a commercial or non-commercial purpose.
  10. PRODUCT/SERVICE LAUNCH EVENT: Events specifically designed to launch a new product or service.
  11. PUBLIC EVENT: Events promoted by public corporations (e.g. local governments, city councils, etc.), such as cultural events, festivals etc.
  12. ROADSHOW: Events held in different national or international locations at different times, but with the same concept and purpose, addressed either towards a business or consumer target.
  13. SPORT EVENT: Events organised by a private company with a commercial purpose and focused on sports, combined with show and entertainment in an original and engaging way, targeted to the final consumer.
  14. TRADE SHOW: Exhibitions organised for a specific industry to showcase new products, services, studies, etc., targeted to both business and public audiences.

 FEATURE categories

  1. LOW BUDGET EVENT: Commercial or non-commercial events carried out with a budget lower than € 50,000, showing an outstanding creativity to reach event objectives with a minimal cost per head compared to all other entries.
  2. SUSTAINABLE INNOVATION: Most innovative, creative, and effective sustainable achievement, minimising the event’s environmental footprint and/or contributing to an economic or social development.
  3. USE OF TECHNOLOGY: Most creative and effective use of technology(ies), such as apps, laser shows, interactive devices, etc., to reach the event’s goals.
  4. USE OF WEB AND SOCIAL MEDIA: Most creative and effective use of online tools and social media to promote, develop and follow up an event.


  1. BEST B2B EVENT: Events with a commercial purpose targeted to business customers/trade partners, such as launch events, congress/conference, incentive, etc.
  2. BEST B2C EVENT: Events with a commercial purpose targeted to the final consumer, such as launch events, roadshows, celebrations, public events, etc.

Projects can be entered by registering at

For further information, check out the Call for Entries a or contact – Ph. +39 0249766311