EUBEA 2015 – FIRST PRIZE to VO Communication (Belgium) with ‘Battle of Waterloo Bicentenary Commemoration’

EUBEA 2015 – FIRST PRIZE to VO Communication (Belgium) with ‘Battle of Waterloo Bicentenary Commemoration’

A three-night-long historical re-enactment for 128,000 spectators (including 15,000 VIP) and an inaugural cultural event. A great production rewarded with the Golden Elephant at the European Bea 2015.

firstOrganising Company: VO Communication in partnership with Verhulst Events and Luc Petit Création

Country: Belgium

Client company: Bataille de Waterloo 1815 asbl

Budget: more than € 5.000.000 High Budget

Date: 18th June 2015

Typology: Celebration / Festivity

Target: EU B2B contacts and stakeholders for 15,000 VIPS, and EU consumers for more than 100,000 spectators

Location: The historic (and designated UNESCO World Heritage Site) of the Battle of Waterloo

Edition: 2015

Focus: Retain the historic components of the battle, yet transform traditional re-enactments into an international spectator show by reaching a larger and new audience, namely through an integrated promotional campaign, so as to contribute to the future economic development of the Region.

Creative idea: 3 ambitions emerged… all exceeding the client briefing: 1. Transform traditional re-enactments into shows for a much larger (and new) audience 2. Persuade the Authorities to present a world-class artistic event instead of mere fireworks 3. Find all the solutions to install a temporary infrastructure for 50,000 guests per night and a cast of 6,000 in full military equipment… in the middle of a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. The callenges: – Absorb the risk for the client by proposing a set fee, taking over the production, and engineering a robust financial plan. – Work hand in hand with 4 different Local Authorities for the approvals – Design an integrated and international campaign. – Innovate technology with the creation of an interactive map system to manage the mobility and access. – Manage the commercial operation of ticket sales – Design an implementation plan to overcome the many restrictions imposed by the location.

Effectiveness: The PR campaign supported by paid and social media was such that we exceeded and then managed to increase capacity (an increase of 28,000 visitors, +28%). We also hosted of 622 accredited journalists over the 3 evenings, generating 11,500 online articles worldwide, and 2,000 in Belgium.


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