EuBea 2014: second prize to French ubi bene. Watch the video of the event

On our web site, the video of the event that received the second prize at the European Bea 2014: the ‘All in or nothing’ project for Adidas.
The second prize went to ubi bene, a French agency, for the event organized for the sport brand Adidas.

Two weeks before the World Cup 2014, Adidas destroyed a copy of the bus that the French team used in 2010, from which the players refused to get off for a training session to protest against the decision to exclude from the competition the striker Nicolas Anelka.

Watch the video of the event here

In this way, the legendary sponsor of the French team wanted to mark the end of one of the ugliest episodes in the history of football, known as ‘Knysna’s bus of shame’ (from the South African town where the event occurred).

adidas allinornothing 1

The goal was to use the ‘All in or nothing’ campaign as the main message in the media during the World Cup, creating a spectacular moment to generate buzz and provide a new positive experience.

The event took place in a 1200sqm junk yard in the Paris suburb of La Courneuve and saw the participation of 150 journalists and bloggers, together with  400 ex football players and opinion leaders.