EuBEA 2012 is gaining steam, doors open on 14th May

EuBEA 2012 is gaining steam, doors open on 14th May

The initiative that helps to raise the awareness of the importance of events in the marketing plans of the European organizations, will open the registration on 14th May. In the next days the President of the jury will be announced as well as the Entry Rules.
Since 2006, EuBEA has been awarding the creativity and the excellences in the world of Events at European level. The high expertise of the jury panel, composed by professionals of events coming from the main companies and events agencies, grants an international recognition of quality to the winning events.

Quality at the EuBEA means creativity, effectiveness, direction, technique, setting, location, press return, sustainability and all the ingredients that make an event a quality event, aside from the budget. Big as well as small events have the same chances to win the first prize. The proof is given by the last edition’s winner that was a low budget, but original and successful event.

EuBEA participants are usually those events professionals that don’t want to stay closed within their national frames, but cross borders to find new markets and new inspirations for creativity.

EuBEA is a real international experience with a European flavour. Last edition saw about 100 registered events, from 12 European countries: Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom.

Participating at the EuBEA facilitates the events’ organizers to:
– Increase the importance of events in the marketing mix of their company/clients
– Meet different cultural approaches to enrich the creativity of their events
– Face the challenge at European level as a stimuli to improve the quality of their events
– Receive qualified visibility taking the occasion of the press return of the EuBEA
– Praise their events with the only international Events Award at European level
– Make their events last for the all year with the European Events Annual

In fact, the 2012 edition has been enriched with the European Events Annual. After the success of last year’s pilot edition, the glossy publication that collects the European Events nominated at the EuBEA, has now become the only way to enter the award. All the events taking part at the EuBEA are included in the European Events Annual, and at the same time all the events published on the annual automatically become eligible candidates for the EuBEA awards.

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