EuBEA 2011 Third Place – Skoda World Dealer Conference

3rd Prize - 2.jpgFor the “Big Bang” concept, one of Europe’s largest arenas, the O2 Arena in Prague, was not big enough. A new concept was necessary. The planners took seriously the keywords from the briefing, surprising and fresh, and designed a horizontal separation of the entire 2,500 sqm arena at a height of five metres.

06The virtual opening up of the floor by pressing a button (within 2 minutes) became a powerful symbol of the brand’s new beginning and a commitment act at the same time, because the opening of the floor was symbolically triggered by a “Power Button” that filled with energy generated by the management’s statements and the corresponding keys as well as by the powerful, acoustic interaction of 5,000 dealers. The presentation of the new showroom design was also impressive and authentic. An extra showroom was built, where all 5,000 invitees could walk inside, divided into groups, to experience the brand’s new look.

Results: for the follow-up of the event, the showroom, which will exist as a ‘lab’ for
one year, might be the most important aspect. Overall, the concept with its fresh and dynamic implementation was exciting and unique even for Skoda – The New Power of Skoda!

You can see the video of the event by clicking on this link.