EuBea 2007: SCP wins the Special Award for Best Technological Innovation

06SCP is awarded at the EuBEA-European Festival of Events with the special award for Best Technological Innovation, a recognition assigned to the event that best interpreted the technological element in order to achieve its objectives. For the event’s realization, countless equipment was involved, including seven Barco Series 6,000 projectors with 18,000 lumens, 7 projection screens, 2 screens shaped like arrows, 5 rectangular screens, 1 videowall shaped like a diamond, and 12 plasma videos, for a total of 60,000 Watts of light.

The event was commissioned by Ifema Iberjoya, a company that presents the latest trends of the international jewelry world each year in a fair. During Iberjoya, the precious novelties were shown to the public through a great audiovisual performance: suspended in the air, a huge video screen weighing one ton and shaped like a diamond illuminated the hall with a thousand lights, transmitting images portraying a giant jewel.

iberjoya1alta copia.JPG

Between the audience and the screens, but also on the runway, four models performed, representing the light, the reflections, the colours, and the glamour linked to the emotions and the images of the world of jewelry. The models were dressed in five different styles, each symbolizing a different trend. One of the performances included the use of a TFT screen attached to each of the girls’ dresses, utilized for transmitting concepts and images linked to the jewels.

iberjoya2alta copia.JPG