EuBea 2007: Giovanni De Medici, winner of the award for European Best Event Manager

The fourth edition of the EuBea European Best Event Awards is coming up soon. On November 23rd at the East End Studios in via Mecenate in Milan, concluding the ‘European Festival of Events’, the Grand Gala awards ceremony will be held.

The winner of the award for European Best Event Manager, as the Festival’s organization has disclosed, is Giovanni De Medici, the manager of online communications and special events for Canon Italy. The company has been awarded for believing in the event as the most ideal means of communication for promoting its products. In particular, with the creation of the event Extreme HD, winner of the award for Best Event with a Reduced Budget, first place in the technical excellence category Best Setting and second place in the typology Best Web Event, it demonstrated the effectiveness of the media event that, independent from investment, is capable of achieving quantitatively and qualitatively important objectives, comparable to much more expensive traditional communications campaigns.

It is for this reason that ADC Agenzia della Comunicazione has assigned the award for European Best Event Manager to Giovanni De Medici, who was responsible for the project.

During the evening, which will proceed with dinner and entertainment, the names of the winners of the 11 other typologies of events will be announced, 8 for technical excellence and 7 for Special Awards. ADC Agenzia della Comunicazione invites you to participate and sets the date with you for November 22nd and 23rd at the ‘European Festival of Events’.