EuBEA 2006 – Top Te

EUBea2006 – TopThree

The Opening Ceremony of the Turin 2006 Olympic Games, produced by the company K-events, has won the European Best Event Awards, obtaining the golden elephant, the symbol of the ultimate prize of European kermess, that this year, in addition to Italy, awarded nations such as Spain, Great Britain and Sweden.
The Milanese company K-events stands out among the protagonists of the 2006 edition of the European Best Event Awards, winning the top award for the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics, created in collaboration with Toroc / Torino Organising Committee. This fully deserved golden elephant, the award’s symbol, ‘crowded out’ the competition from the other listed events, given the amount of applause that was obtained by this project at the international level as well.
The second place overall was granted to the ‘Toti Project’, organized by the ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ Museum of Science and Technology. This was the ‘moral winner’ of this edition, for the skill with which it transformed what could have been a hardship for the territory into a spectacular episode, able to amass of the citizens of Milan into the streets until late into the night to wait for the arrival of the much-anticipated submarine. In addition to having attracted media attention, therefore crossing ‘local’ borders, the ‘Toti Project’ was able to increase the notoriety it obtained through a profitable merchandising activity. Not by chance, this event also earned first place in the public events category, standing out among the 42 competing projects.
The Closing Ceremony of the Olympics, also created by K-events for Toroc, qualified brilliantly as the third event of the year.