BELGIUM – The decision has been made…but is still secret

After thoroughly studying all the dossiers submitted, the Benelux Event Awards jury made a preselection at the end of 2010. Every case that scored more than 150 out of 200 points (40% for creativity, 35% for logistics, and 25% for ROI), was passed through to the awards round. Just as with the nomination round, this began with the submission of a digital dossier. But, again this year, the live presentation of the cases was the ultimate opportunity to win the jury over.

Each agency was allowed fifty minutes to convince the jury of the strength of the case presented. PowerPoint presentations, photographs, video presentations, and customer declarations were all brought into play. While some went for a serious presentation, others opted for a more light-hearted approach. In their own way, each tried to get the jury to experience the feel of the event. Some succeeded better than others in this.

06Then it was time for the vote. Every jury member gave marks to each case, again 40% for creativity, 35% for logistics, and 25% for ROI. Moreover, the voting was done digitally on an individual basis, so the final results remain a closely-guarded secret, even for the members of the jury. A score of between 150 and 159 is good for a Bronze award, and a score of between 160 and 175 results in a Silver award. The Gold award is reserved for those scoring more than 175 points.

Don’t miss it! Everyone will be on tenterhooks during the BEA evening. So make sure that you are there on 25 May at C-Mine in Genk to experience all these final cases live. Supplier cards are still available via the website (, but don’t delay, because there are only 350 of these tickets left.

The nominated BEA cases that will be contending for a Golden BEA on 25 May are listed here.