BELGIUM – Mercedes-Benz “125 years!The Experience” by the Monkey

The monkey made its brain work, developed a concept and then rolled up its sleeves to set up a fantastic event with discretion and in total secrecy. In order to increase the mystery for all the guests, teasers in the form of film trailers were sent during different phases preceding the event.


The ideal solution to stimulate fantasy. No wonder, therefore, that the staff members of MB BeLux consulted each other in the corridors and exchanged ideas regarding what precisely awaited them. Their curiosity was further piqued when, one morning, they found a large black-box in the Atrium.

06On D-Day, all colleagues were invited to a cocktail that was followed by a highly interactive quiz on Mercedes-Benz that looked like a reality TV show. Laughter and screams were heard during the whole evening. The teams, formed completely randomly on the basis of the subscriptions, competed for the honour. Different “Do & Think” tests were completed successfully. And of course, a little special surprise awaited the winners…