BELGIUM – Act!events ends the summer with a bang!

2.jpgAt the end of August, Act!events organised the opening of a brand new showroom for Buro Modern. We welcomed their guests in a beautiful tent outside the new showroom for a delicious summer barbecue! With the new building also came a new logo so Act!events invited an artist to make a huge painting live during the event which revealed the new house style! After dinner, a live band, our DJ and cocktail shakers turned the evening into a great party.

4.jpgJust 3 weeks later, we were ready to celebrate the 20th anniversary of meet-it, of which the last 9 editions were successfully organised by Act!events! This annual event was once again a great success and hosted 84 vendors and their booths. Act!events built 56 booths of which 14 were custom-made. 3075 guests were pampered all day long by Act!events. We were responsible for the general organisation of the fair and came up with the theme of the fair, the meet-it sales concept, several communication media, several entertainment acts, a splendid party, high level catering and a specialised crew of 150 people in order to deliver a successful event.

5.jpgThe next week, we celebrated another birthday! This time, the 10th anniversary of Recupel! Act!events was in charge of organising a VIP evening that would surprise everyone and really highlight Recupel’s mission! We recycled an old train station to be the location of the event! For the invitations, which were handled by Wisenose, guests received a bag (made of 100% recycled PET-bottles), which they had to fill with an electric appliance that was ready for recycling. During the event, our artists were busy at work creating a one-of-a-kind peace of art that was made out of those recyclable materials! When the time came for the presentations, guests were surprised to find a huge metal structure, filled with recyclable materials, form the backdrop. The surprise was complete when 6 percussionists came down the structure and started a dynamic vertical opening number, while hanging! With delicious catering, spectacular unveilings and a gorgeous location, the night was nothing short of a success!