Bea Italy 2011 Second Place – Colosseum on fire

06The central idea was a spectacular fire stoked all around the Colosseum. The initiative was played out in three evenings until late at night. The Event foresaw the creation of an extraordinary and captivating scenario in which the Colosseum seemed to be set alight. The spectacular show, realized with an articulated play of mirrors and projections, created an event of extraordinary and evocative potential, which was symbolically linked to the idea of re-birth and renewal and which involved present day social and cultural and themes taken as a whole. The last evening’s celebration took place in one of the most prestigious terraces of Rome, where the spectacular projections on the Colosseum could be enjoyed.

Results: more than 60 television services in the world (including Cnn, Bbc), more than 300 press articles on the main national and international newspapers, more than 500,000 people attended the event.

You can see the video of the event by clicking on this link.