ADC Group announces EuBEA Festival

ADC Group announces EuBEA Festival

After eight years of EuBEA Awards, this year THE Publishing Company that organizes the event has decided to implement a totally new format: a two-day Festival – the International Festival of Events and Live Communication. On October 23rd and 24th, top European event and marketing professionals will gather in the beautiful city of Seville to exchange ideas, best practices and to find inspiration from an array of high-level contents.

ADC Group, in collaboration with Seville Convention Bureau, and with the strategic support of Tourespaña, the Department of Tourism and CommerceAndalusian Tourism, Seville City Council, Seville Provincial Council and the Chamber of Commerce of Seville, will ensure that the International Festival of Events, through such qualitative leap, becomes an indisputable meeting point in Seville and province as well as a renewed and attractive destination for meetings and events.


The Eubea Festival is based on three “mile stone” words: live show, interaction and networking. Creating authentic live experiences enabling people to engage with brands: that’s how ADC Group sees the role of events and live communication that refers to the combined power of creative communication and engaging live experiences: the most modern way to communicate.
Live communication offers brands a unique opportunity to tell their story and increase their audiences’ brand engagement. Participants in live communication are more open to words, images and experiences than via any other kind of communication.

Within the two days in Seville, the first edition of EuBEA festival will renew the “festival” concept: outstanding contents, networking activities and a brand new way to speak about events. During the first day, agencies will present live the projects to the clients’ jury, to the press jury and to all delegates to determine who has the “e-factor”. With this new award format, all European delegates will have the chance to learn from different approaches, creativities, experiences, innovation, technology adopted by the best European agencies.On the second day of the EuBEA Festival delegates will have full access to outstanding contents, shown in an interactive way, and, of course, will have access to all networking activities. The Festival will conclude on Friday night With the Award cerimony and with the following party.


Facts and figuresThe Eubea Awards started in 2004, when Salvatore Sagone, ADC Group President, had the idea to launch the Best Italian Event Awards realizing that there was not a certification of quality in events. At the same time the local industry wanted a standard in order to benchmark and decide which were the best events and, of course, the best agencies. The idea was to make the clients judge the events, because they determine both the investments in this medium of communication and the agencies to work with. Two years later, ADC Group decided to launch the European Best Event Awards, the EuBEA, a kind of Champions’ League of events, where, according to the jury, innovation and creativity are the most important features. In the next eight years, the EuBEA has increased its importance in terms of number of events and countries participating to the competition: 941 events entered in the European contest representing 25 countries and 250 agencies. Moreover, EuBEA has built a very good awareness and reputation all over Europe. Despite the crisis, that still affects nearly all European economies; the Award is growing every year. ADC Group is very optimistic about the future: events, as media of communication, are more and more relevant for Companies in terms of empathic relationship that can be established with the target. As much as digital media, events are the most actual and modern mean of communication.



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