Bea World Festival

Theme & Programme

Bea World is your once in a year opportunity to stay up-to-date with the changing landscape of live communication. See the world’s best-in-class events live, develop your business and network and learn all you need from leading experts for your future success.

The theme “The Nature of Events” will determine the content of the whole Live Communication Week 2019 and particularly the educational programme of Bea World Festival on 29 November .

The world of events is an ecosystem, a living creature that evolves by exchanging emotions, energy and essence with the external environment. As such, humanity is faced with an ever-growing need for cooperation and sustainability. Cross-border, cross-community and cross-culture collaboration is on the daily agenda. Our events need to dig into this changing landscape and mirror the way our society develops. Our industry needs to keep up with, or even lead, the fast pace of this change.

At Bea World Festival, speakers from both inside and outside the events industry will talk about the why, how and what of cooperation, which is The Nature of Events. A wide variety of workshops will be offered to meet participants’ needs and interests, and to boost their creativity, emotional experience and learning. Through a highly interactive and engaging programme, every attendee will become a true participant. Just like you would expect in this era of co-creativity.

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Learn from the Best & Engage

Bea World Festival offers a wide range of content and learning opportunities

Follow the live presentations on 28 November to learn from the shortlisted projects the most innovative strategies and creative solutions, discover the different approaches of event agencies around the world, benchmark your work to that of your competitors.

On the following day, brilliant speakers from inside and outside the event industry will offer you a multidisciplinary approach to the Festival theme and guide you through uplifting keynotespractical sessions, successful corporate case studies or hands-on workshops. You’ll have also the chance to schedule meetings with Bea World jury members and speakers to discuss your next challenge, build relationships with potential clients and peers from around the world, and meet influencers to raise your international awareness.

Unconventional session formats, a strict ban on marketing fluff and plenty of participant interaction will help you remember and apply what you have learned.

Network & Interact

Bea World offers you excellent networking opportunities, such as:

  • Go International!: want to develop your business in the four continents of the planet? Join this afternoon sessions to find new business opportunities!
  • Pick a Brain. 1-on-1 Meetings with Experts: if you wish to discuss your specific challenge with one or more experts, you can meet our speakers and jury members during 15-minute 1-on-1s.
  • Pick a Supplier. 1-on-1 Meetings with Exhibitors: if you wish to learn more about the products and services offered by our exhibitors, you can request 10-minute 1-on-1 meetings during the coffee breaks.
  • Inspirational Safari: a brand new surprise format for you to enjoy while getting inspiration for your next projects.
  • Leisure activities: on Saturday 30 November, continue networking in a convivial atmosphere during exciting activities around Milan. Discover them here.

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