Bea World Festival

Theme & Programme

Bea World is your once in a year opportunity to stay up-to-date with the changing landscape of live communication. See the world’s best-in-class events live, develop your business and network and learn all you need from leading experts for your future success.

Never more than now has it been necessary to promptly interpret the evolution in progress and communicate the actions undertaken to provide creative solutions: that’s why, dealing with the ongoing emergency, the upcoming edition of Bea World Experience Festival will be celebrated online in December 2020 and will include new categories dedicated to hybrid and digital events.

What we have learned in this complicated period is that the world needs simplicity, because in simplicity we can find solutions to current problems: coexistence between people and individuals, respect for the natural environment and sustainability, for social differences. Through the key of simplicity, people can find unity, and pleasure in being together” – affirms Salvatore Sagone, President of ADC Group and founder of the Bea World Experience Festival.

This is how the concept for the 15th edition of the Bea World Experience Festival was born, summarised by the claim “Simplicity is the new gold” created by the Italian agency Piano B, who will support ADC Group in organising the event from a creative and production point of view.

We all had to do a great deal of simplification on a personal and professional level, by resetting parameters and priorities, trying to achieve more by using less” says Guido Morozzi, creative director of Piano B. “Hence the “Simplicity is the new gold” claim, where gold recalls the physical value of what we do. That is, the gold that we extract must be inspired by simplicity. The concept perfectly identifies something that generates value, just like our industry. A claim that graphically corresponds to – = + “.

The event is conceived as a real digital business platform and a meeting point between supply and demand, aimed at celebrating the creativity and innovations that are redesigning the events and live communication industry.

As in previous years, nominees competing for the renowned Golden Elephant awards will have the opportunity to showcase their projects (through a digital platform) in front of a prestigious jury comprising top corporate event professionals.

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Learn from the Best & Engage

Bea World Festival offers a wide range of content and learning opportunities

Follow the live presentations on 11 and 14 December to learn from the shortlisted projects the most innovative strategies and creative solutions, discover the different approaches of event agencies around the world, benchmark your work to that of your competitors.

On the following day, brilliant speakers from inside and outside the event industry will offer you a multidisciplinary approach to the Festival theme and guide you through uplifting keynotespractical sessions, successful corporate case studies or hands-on workshops.

Unconventional session formats, a strict ban on marketing fluff and plenty of participant interaction will help you remember and apply what you have learned.

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