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Keynote Speaker, International Business Consultant, Editor at

Tuija Seipell

The Curse of Knowing. How What We Know Keeps Us from Seeing the Solutions

January 1 — h. 9:40 - 10:15

Understand why emotional connections and superior customer experiences rule in our globalised, yet localized world, and how to create those connections that drive loyalty in your business. Learn to look for your own blind spots and view your own business more clearly from the customer perspective. Tuija´s experience and insights will inspire you to make practical and directional changes in your business.

Design Thinking to Solve Your Customer Experience Dilemmas

January 1 — h. 15:00 - 17:00

An intense small-group workshop where the participants will use design thinking techniques to discuss and solve challenges and to create new ideas in their business.

Learning Outcomes:

-Understand what design thinking is and why it can be useful in solving business problems
-Learn a group problem-solving technique they can use later in their own business
-Understand why understanding the customers perspective is crucial in the growth of a business


Tuija Seipell ( is a Canadian Speaker, Business Advisor, entrepreneur and Editor. She was born and educated in Finland but has lived and worked in North America for the past 35 years, the last 28 of them in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She's a passionate advocate of customer experience, retail, tourism & hospitality, trends, design, creativity, motivation, and especially emotions and hope. Her clients include diverse global and multinational organizations, such as Harley Davidson, Nike and Europarc, as well as cities, government departments and non-profits, and also medium-size and smaller organizations around the world. For the past ten years, she has also been the editor of The Cool Hunter (, one of the world’s oldest and most widely read online publications about design, architecture and experience followed by 2 million readers each month. Tuija has extensive experience also in the events business and for the past three years, she has been one of the international judges of Finland’s Evento Awards. Tuija in a few Tweets
  • Creative thinking in events means... not settling for the easiest, most common or ‘trendiest’ but always focusing on real value for attendees.
  • I share my knowledge at Bea World because... I believe in live and in-person communication.
  • My best advice to event planners... be much braver than you have been! Don’t settle for the easy way out.

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