Torgeir Nordahl-Hæreid


Producer, Fieldwork - member of 27Names

Torgeir boasts over 10 years in the event and cultural industry, excelling in production, concept development, strategic consulting, project management, and executing events from small meetings to grand conferences, exhibitions, award ceremonies, and product launches. With a background in design and art from Einar Granum, AHO, and KHIO, Torgeir is a versatile producer with a sharp eye for aesthetics. Having worked as a technician, project manager, and event coordinator, he now spread his wealth of experience in Fieldwork.

“ An event becomes eternal when every touchpoint tells a story, connecting the brand to the audience on a personal level. Events should be crafted so that they not only entertain but also empower and engage. That's how brands build legacies and turn attendees into loyal fans”

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