Bea World Festival
Martijn Timmermans
Experience Designer

Martijin Timmermans

The Art of Co-Creation

November 29 — h. 16:00 - 17:00

Martijn Timmermans will share his knowledge on co-creation formats. You will immerse yourself in his creativity and experience, where co-creation is everything.  

Take aways:

This session will show you what the real value of co-creation is and how you can design for maximum effect.


Martijn’s career started in Customer Experience Marketing at Disney,  Marriott and Singapore Airlines. He wrote business plans and strategic value propositions for start-ups and served as Director/CFO at Toneelgroep Amsterdam, working with the award-winning stage director, Ivo van Hove.   To bridge the gap between strategy and execution, he developed a number of event co-creation concepts and tools, such as The Red Line Project, and the Event StoryBoard Canvas. Through the latter, they trained over 1,300 event professionals around the world and partnered with Alzheimer Lab, VUmc, DDB, McKinsey, and KPMG. On his mission to unleash innovation faster, he joined the innovators’ collective PlaybookToolkit. In 2019 he created the Storyboarding Toolkit, a DIY way into the world of storyboarding to empower (event) innovators, save time and money, and improve results. In 2018 he surprised the Dutch Event Industry by winning the award for best conference with “ZAAM The BattleZ”, leaving Coca-Cola, Ocean Clean-up, RAI Amsterdam & Erasmus  University empty-handed. Martijn is a member of the Meeting Design Institute, of sustainable development agency #Meet4Impact, and a partner/consultant at Token.Agency, a boutique blockchain consultancy firm. 

Martijin in a few Tweets

  • In my session I expect from you to arrive with an open mindset, stay curious and expect the unexpected
  • In my session you will learn that co-creation is about shared ownership
  • Breaking down borders means being open to new ideas
  • The key to events evolution is think in partnership, collaborate and co-create
  • Collaboration in events means fun, dedication and trust to building on each other strenghts
  • “Co-creation” makes me think of saving time, Money and Improve Results

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