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Principal Lecturer at University of Westminster and Event Tech Lab Founder

James Morgan

Back to the Future: How Event-Tech Will Enhance Your Events

November 29 — h. 14:30 - 15:30

Event-tech evangelist Dr. James Morgan will take you on an interactive trip to the future and back. He will show you where event-tech will take us tomorrow and how you can start designing for effective use today. 

Take aways: This workshop session will show you what’s coming in event-tech and how you can effectively use it to achieve maximum results out of co-creating your events and maximising attendee engagement. As a result, you will get a deeper understanding of the technology options available for different event types and how to effectively implement them. 


James Morgan is the Principal Lecturer in Event Design and Technology at the University of Westminster, London, and the Founder of Event Tech Lab, a partnership community for event technology start-ups, developers, event professionals and investors. As a respected speaker, writer and industry commentator, James has judged industry awards internationally and is passionate about educating event professionals of the future. He takes an avid interest in promoting quality standards, sustainable event management, and professionalism in the events industry. He was named as one of Eventbrite’s Top 100 Event Professionals in 2017. The same year, he was also voted one of the 20 Industry Changemakers by US ‘Meetings Net’ magazine. He was awarded International Live Events Associations’ top accolade - the J Robert Graves Pioneer Award - for his services to the association in 2016. 

James in a few Tweets

  • In my session I expect attendees to grasp how emotional engagement really works to create positive memories.  
  • In my session you will learn how to include emotional triggers within event design to create positive memories.  
  • Breaking down borders means getting in close and personal with attendees so you can personalise their experiences. 

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