Bea World Festival
General Manager

Fabio Zaffagnini

Rockin’1000: how to give stage to your participants

November 29 — h. 16:00 - 17:00

Let’s rock your next event! Rockin1000 is a rollmodel project of co-creation. In this session you will study the biggest rockband in the world, understand how they are 100% co-creative and discuss how you can implement their way into your next event.

Take aways:

In this workshop you will learn what the real value of co-creation is, what true co-creation looks like and how you can apply it to your next event.


Born in Romagna, Rockin'1000 General Manager Fabio Zaffagnini lives and works in Cesena.
He started his professional career as a marine geologist at the CNR Research Area of Bologna and the Euro-Mediterranean Centre on Climate Change.
In 2011, he started the project Trail Me Up, a virtual augmented reality system which allows users to complete virtually guided trail visits.
In 2015, he was added to the European Commission’s list of Experts for his talents in product design, and in the same year he became an honouree for the Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Award in New York.
He, is the creator and coordinator of Rockin'1000: a global community of musicians and an organization that organizes concerts where 1,000+ people play music simultaneously. It became popular thanks to a video tribute to the Foo Fighters, the video of which went viral with over 50 million views.

Fabio a few Tweets

  • In my session I expect from you to think about ways to engage your clients to invest time and money in building value around a personal experience
  • In my session you will learn how Rockin’1000 works, how we convince thousands of musicians to come and play in our events, how we manage them, and why they come back over and over again
  • Breaking down borders means finding a common language that permits the inclusion of different people
  • The key to events evolution is personal relevance, relationships, inclusion. The perception that the contribution of every one (including public) is fundamental
  • The Nature of Events is fun and awareness
  • Collaboration in events means/is listen, trust e encourage each other
  • “Co-creation” makes me think of bringing together and finding a common field for ideas and experiences coming from different backgrounds

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