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Body Language Academy
Psychologist & body language expert

Denise Dechamps

Body language: the only instinctive international way of communicating

November 29 — h. 16:00 - 17:00

Even in a data-driven environment, the nature of events is very much about instinct. During this workshop, psychologist and founder of the Body Language Academy Denise Deschamps will show you the fascinating power of body language.

We will look into universal ceremonies in interhuman connections. Interactive, sometimes surprising, always respectful and fun. Become aware of what your body tells your client about your intentions. And how you can use your body language actively in creating the effect that you are looking for. Body language is a powerful, easily accessible and extremely personal instrument for untroubled communications.

Takeaways:  This workshop will help you to achieve acceptance, equal footing and common ground. You will explore human intercultural connection, to create better mutual understanding, interhuman likeability and to create new business. You will get hands on experience in intercultural differences and (unexpected) similarities.


The workshop will be given by Denise Dechamps. She is a psychologist and body language expert with over 10 years’ experience of studying human behavior. Alongside giving many training courses, she is an in-demand public speaker and is well known in the Netherlands as she's often on the radio and television (RTL, SBS, BNR, NPO).  

Denise in a few Tweets

  • In my session I expect from you be open and interested in the most universal language there is.
  • In my session you will learn more about body language and human behaviour to improve your communication.
  • Breaking down borders means understanding each others behaviour to create a better connection.

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