Bea World Festival
Global speaker on Change Mindset

Cyriel Kortleven

The Change Mindset: Survival Kit for Event Professionals

November 29 — h. 11:40 - 12:30

The Nature of Events is changing…fast: global competition, demanding clients, new technologies… 

We need event professionals willing to leave their comfort zone, experiment and suspend their judgement. We need event professionals able to explore the world from a different perspective. We need event professionals who aren’t scared to fail fast, often and forward. Are you one of those event professionals who want to co-create a new context for the event-industry? 

YES… suspend your judgement to break fixed thinking patterns.  

AND… explore the world from a different perspective to generate new ideas. Co-creation is the key.  

ACT… take small actions, because the key to real innovation is to experiment and to fail fast, often and forward. 

Take aways:

Through this interactive and entertaining presentation, you will receive the spark, tools and language to influence others in being more creative and entrepreneurial and give a big boost to your own Change Mindset.   

Yes And Act… Now!

Inspiration Safari

November 29 — h. 14:30 - 17:00

Are you ready for an Inspiration Safari? Are you curious about how you can break 21 assumptions in the event-world? Discover many new ideas and how you can boost your own event. It will be a guided tour (max. 15 minutes) towards the assumptions that you want to break, led by global speaker/guide Cyriel Kortleven, who has spoken at hundreds of events all over the world and who will share his ideas to change your event/concept. The Inspiration Safari will happen several times, so just show up – with an open mind and plenty of curiosity. 


Cyriel Kortleven represented in numbers: 1 global speaker - author of 5 business books - spoke in 25 countries on 5 continents - 20 years of experience - 35 people in the world received the Global Speaking Award (and he is one of them) - 44 years on this planet - 100 days a year working abroad - 200 recommendations on LinkedIn - 200 obstacles conquered at the longest obstacle run in the world - loves 1 beautiful wife - 1 mission: “Don't mind the change. Change your Mind”.

Cyriel in a few Tweets

  • In my session I expect you to open your mind and be prepared to look at the world from a different perspective. 
  • In my session you will learn the “Yes And Act” mindset (Yes – suspend judgement, And – explore different perspectives, Act – experiment). 
  • Breaking down borders means exploring the world from many different perspectives.  
  • The key to the evolution of events is to keep exploring borders and staying eager to inspire our audiences. 
  • The nature of events is an evolution… a revolution… Are you ready for it?! 
  • Collaboration in events is a crucial element if you want to survive in this highly-paced industry.  
  • “Co-creation” makes me think of sharing ideas and supporting each other in good and bad times. 

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