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Billy Selekane International
Chief Inspirational Officer

Billy Selekane

Co-Creative Decision Making in African Tribes

November 29 — h. 14:30 - 15:30

When African tribes take decisions that effect all, they involve all. Billy Selekane will take you through the process, showing you how tribes crowdsource input and co-create execution. The modern conference might be found in ancient traditions. 

Take awaysThis session will help you understand the nature of events better, by understanding African traditions. As a consequence, you will design better co-creation processes for decision making ánd implementation.


Billy is a best selling author, and internationally acclaimed inspirational speaker. He is a CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), the highest recognition for a professional speakers conferred by the National Speakers Association of the USA. He is a double Hall of Fame inductee in Southern Africa both as a speaker and an educator. He is a co-host of Radio 2000 Monday Morning Fire, a breakfast show. Billy is also an acclaimed social commentator, content creator and producer. He is an accredited Organizational Culture expert through Human Synergistix, a Chicago-based organization led by Dr Robert Cooke. He is President of Global Conference TV, a digital platform which focuses on entrepreneur education. Through his Foundation he is involved in charitable causes. Billy has recently been appointed the Head of Education for Virtual Speakers Association International, an affiliate of the Global Speakers Federation catering for Professional Speakers in regions without a local association.

Billy in a few Tweets. 

  • In my session you will learn Africentric wisdom applicable in modern business 
  • Breaking down borders means creating a truly global and connected communities sharing a common vision and destiny.
  • The key to events evolution is to create events which move from information to transformation.
  • The Nature of Events is to connect content owners with content consumers and create a symbiotic learning experience.  
  • Collaboration in events means co creating an event with the end user and attendee in mind, to create a transformational platform. 
  • “Co-creation” makes me think of finding ways in which people can mimic nature and build a sustainable human eco system. 

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