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Neuroscaping Design Inc & The Debut Group

Ben Moorsom

Event Neurology: Understanding the Brain of Your Participant

November 29 — h. 14:30 - 15:30

Ben Moorsom studies experiences from the neurological perspective of participants, using data and research to influence design decisions. He will show you the holy grail of events: the inside of an attendee’s mind. 

Take aways:

This session will help you to create events that optimise and align themselves to the minds of audiences. After the workshop, you will recognise what cognitive barriers stand in the way of a successful event and how to overcome those barriers. 


Ben Moorsom is the world’s leading practitioner of neuroscaping™. Since founding Debut Group in 1997, Ben has made it his mission to challenge and disrupt ineffective conventions of business experiences, pioneering new approaches that engage people and truly capture their attention. By applying advances from psychology, neuroscience and data sciences, Ben and his team turn audiences into active participants on the cognitive level. They use neuroscaping principles to cut through the noise and competition at the gateway to the human mind, placing business messages near the front of the line. Ben is a frequent keynote speaker and co-conspirator at global conferences on communication thought leadership.

Ben in a few Tweets

  • In my session I expect you to open your mind to the psyche of audiences as never before. 
  • In my session you will learn how to uncover and recognise the cognitive barriers that stand between you and your audience.   
  • Breaking down borders means breaking through the cognitive barriers that stand in the way of better engagement.   
  • The key to the evolution of events is in creating experiences that adapt in real-time to the behavioural state of an audience. 
  • The nature of events is the emotional-behavioral ecosystem an audience interacts and responds to. 
  • Collaboration in events means designing with deeper audience insight (research) and intent. 
  • “Co-creation” makes me think of adaptive, living experiences.  

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