Bea World Festival


Embracing the age of Experience

Michela Russo will share experiences and views on how the relationship between brands and consumers profoundly changed over the last few years. Not only consumers must be at the heart of every activity of the brand, consumers want to be part of the brand creation and evolution process. CO-CREATION has become a key word in many marketing activities. Millennial consumers are the engine that gave momentum to this new way of relating with brands, and brands that are responding well show to be successful. As part of Kantar, Michela is leading the brand strategy & guidance practice in Italy.

Takeaways: You will see the value of consumer-centricity at all levels of a company activity and you will learn how to implement. Being consumer-centric does not simply mean being able to engage and involve consumers, it means opening up to the possibility of building your brand with consumers, and creating long lasting and profound relationships with them.

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