Bea World Festival
Red Bull
Head of Sport Marketing

William Galimberti


Born in Turin in 1983, William started his career in Blockbuster (wow…if you remember this, then you are almost vintage too). In 2007 he moved to FCA, where he took care of Marketing and Communication, for both local countries and global brands. Followed by 2 years in Oakley as Head of Sport Marketing, and 4 as Global Event Marketing Manager for Red Bull, since September he is Head of Sport Marketing for Red Bull Srl. Where he manages the overall sport marketing strategy in Italy (Motorsport, teams, athletes, events and partnerships). He is a passionate sports person, enjoys life at the fullest, and loves giving wings to people and new ideas. Father of one, and companion of one, to go with that..

William in a few tweets

An award-winning project in the new post pandemic context must… "give a glimpse of the future"

My advice to the nominees is... "real technology. not just amazing technology, but tangible evolution"

“Welcome to the new stage” is Bea World 2021 Claim. Welcome to the new stage means… "means I am on the stage and I am not. but I am..."

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