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Tata Burduli


Tata  Burduli is a Sports Marketing and Strategic Communications Specialist with a 10-year work experience. She joined the Georgian Football Federation team as Head of the Marketing department in 2009, and currently holds the position of the Head of Events department. She is also the founder of the Tbilisi-based creative events company IdeaList. Tata teaches Sports Marketing courses at the Caucasus School of Business and the Georgian Sports Academy.
Having graduated from the Moscow State University, Tata successfully completed the UEFA-funded Diploma in Football Management course in University of Lausanne. She also holds a Master’s degree in Strategic Communications from the Caucasus University.
Tata’s professional career covers numerous interesting projects. Her activities are mostly related to football/sports event organization. One of the most notable among them was the 2015 UEFA Super Cup, where she headed marketing and communications activities. The match was later described by EuroSport as “the best UEFA Super Cup in history.”

Tata in a few Tweets

  • Others say about me that I am exceptionally organised, pedantic and focused on details.
  • My biggest challenge is to always seek something new and never be satisfied with what I have achieved.
  • An awards-winning project must be large-scale, creative, innovative in its field.
  • My advice to the nominees is do not be afraid to experiment! All outstanding works of genius are a result of taking risks and being unconventional.
  • The Nature of Events is changing fast! To catch a perfect wave in an ocean of ideas and to be an innovator on every stage of creation - this is a challenge for every leader in events industry.
  • Collaboration in events means improved event experience and attendees’ engagement. 
  • "Co-creation" makes me think about success of the event! It’s a powerful way to boost attendee interaction and participation. By fostering collaboration between the attendees, co-creation becomes the ultimate tool for real-time contributions and value.

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