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Mercedes-Benz Cars Česká republika
Marketing Manager

Sandra Plachà


Sandra has been born and raised in Prague, heart of Europe. Since 18 when she hold her "wet" driving licence in hands she felt that cars are definitely something she is gonna be interested in for her next life episode. First job in a car company she got in SIXT rent a car. Here she had a chance to improve her driving skills and just by the way also touched marketing. Cars and marketing? What a nice combination. When a new opportunity knocked on the door from Fiat, she didn´t hesitate. In Fiat she was responsible for Marketing and Product and as years went by she moved with company to Budapest and steered M&P for Czech and Slovak. But even Budapest is beautiful city, is not a home. So after 2 years she came back to Prague and got an offer from a different car brand - KIA. She became there Head of Marketing and improved her skills by CRM knowledge and leading wider team. But almost 6 years back when she was 1 and half year with Kia, Mercedes-Benz in CZ was looking for a Marketing Manager. If you love driving and marketing you would know that this was a call which was not possible to ignore:) And in Mercedes-Benz she was able to establish new websites, start a CRM pilot project, developed first online events and also won few Bea awards in 2018...

Sandra in a few Tweets:

An award-winning project in the new post pandemic context must… "be fresh, positive and inspiring!"

My advice to the nominees is... "Be bold! Don´t hide and believe in yourself as in your hard work."

“Welcome to the new stage” is Bea World 2021 Claim. Welcome to the new stage means… "New era of events which moved us closer to digital future and out of box thinking."

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