Bea World Festival
Mercedes-Benz Cars Česká republika s.r.o.
Head of Marketing and Product

Sandra Plachà


Sandra’s professional life has always been connected to cars. She started at Sixt car hire and then moved to FCA, already as a Marketing specialist for light commercial vehicles. She moved to Hungary within the company, gaining further experience with product and pricing. Over the last 3 years, Sandra has been working as a Head of Marketing and Product at Mercedes-Benz Cars in Czechia. Her mission within this work experience is to change the perception of the brand and attract a younger audience.

Sandra in a few Tweets:

  • Others say about me that I'm demanding to myself as well as on the others.
  • My biggest challenge is to slow down.
  • An award-winning project must make a goosebumps to me.
  • My advice to nominees: focus on the purpose and results. The best event has to also show the best achievements, not only nice place and good food.
  • The Nature of Events is to create an event in what you truly believe that makes sense for the purpose.
  • Collaboration in events means don’t being afraid to ask for help to people with experience.
  • “Co-creation” makes me think of brainstorming, fun with friends and colleagues and creating something you appreciate, not something you do because you're forced.

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