Bea World Festival
Chief Communication Officer

Jane Reeve


Jane Reeve is Chief Communication Officer of Ferrari since May 2019.

Her career has spanned a range of senior management and Board positions in international communication groups including TBWA, Wunderman, Interbrand, RMG Connect (which she headed up as CEO in 2003 until 2010)  and J. Walter Thompson Italy, where she was Chairman and CEO from 2010 until 2013. 

In January 2014 she was appointed as first ever CEO of the Italian Fashion Council (Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana) until September 2015. From 2016 until April 2019 Reeve was appointed Regional Director Europe & Chairman of J. Walter Thompson Italy.  She has fulfilled many institutional roles in the Italian industry: Italian representative for the European Federation of Sales Promotion; a jury member of Cannes Direct and Eurobest Direct & Integrated Awards; representative for AssoComunicazione (Italian communications association) at the European Advertising Council Association.

Reeve holds a degree in English Language and Literature at Oxford University.

Jane in a few tweets:

An award-winning project in the new post pandemic context must… "find the right balance between physical and digital find a new mix and chemistry between the two worlds. The next chapter for the world of events is all to be written."

My advice to the nominees is... "to create an impactful, immediate and clear video supported with a personal, complementary and engaging interview"

Welcome to the new stage” is Bea World 2021 Claim.  Welcome to the new stage means… "new energy, innovation, restart"

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