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Volvo Car Corporation
Senior Director, Global Events

Jan Sidemo


Jan Sidemo heads the Global Events team at Volvo Car Corporation. His team annually produces hundreds of events around the world for media, customers and internal audiences. In recent years, the team has been busy with projects such as the Volvo Ocean Race, the Volvo China Open, Volvo Brand Moments and the launch of Volvo's new model range.
Jan has worked within communication and retail, both as an employee and as an entrepreneur, for the whole of his life. His main passion and expertise is in events and sports sponsorships. He resides in Sweden, but 30 years in the business have taken him all around the world, including living and executing large corporate and sports events in both China and the US.

Jan in a few Tweets

  • Others say about me that I'm Creative and dedicated.
  • My biggest challenge is to come up with the perfect idea on how to build and sustain a strong relationship with our audience.
  • An award-winning project must have an authentic and engaging story, clear objectives and tangible results.
  • My advice to the nominees: have fun, get the audience engaged and don't lose the focus on the impact your event generated.
  • The Nature of Events is immersing the audience in every aspect of your brand.
  • Collaboration in events means crossfunctional planning and execution – using all channels at your disposal.
  • “Co-creation” makes me think of bringing together passionate people from different disciplines, coming up with unexpected and great ideas and solutions to specific challenges.

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