Bea World Festival
Dentsu Consulting
Managing Director

Henrik Lervold


Henrik is Head of marketing and communication for PwC in Norway, recently launching the national "Strive Further" brand campaign, which gained great commercial and brand success. He previously held the position of Head of Innovation at KLP, the biggest life insurance company in Norway. He has broad expertise and long experience from the finance & consulting industry with a focus on marketing and communication, business development, innovation, and change management.

Henrik in a few Tweets

An award-winning project in the new post pandemic context must…"deliver on three axis’: uniqueness. relevance and effect; from indifference to excitement, from self-absorption to society oriented, from event without aims to events that drives growth"

My advice to the nominees is... "You must show me that your event delivers on these axis’s! Strong and differentiated brands have never been more important and event marketing is the most important tool in the marketing toolbox to create loyalty and uniqueness; bringing a brand from indifference to excitement.
Uniqueness; creating an event that feels fresh, energetic and one of a kind, combining creativity and business understanding.
Effect; what job is your event going to do, documenting that your event has produced one or all of the following effects; more products or services sold ( top line growth), a stronger, more differentiated and sought after brand (increased margins as people would like to spend more time with and money on the brand), a company that people will work for or with"

Live Free” is Bea World 2022 Claim. What is live free for you?... "Live free for me is to live free from narrow mindedness, free from prejudices, free from polarization, free from a world where people and nations are not curious or wants to learn from each other"

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