Bea World Festival
Regional marketing manager

Harijs Poikāns


Harijs is passionate marketing professional who has been recognized as one of TOP10 best marketing directors in Latvia. With over twelve years of experience, he has been developed highly efficient campaigns for brands such as,,,, etc. He has also appeared as a PR expert in Latvian Fintech Association PR group as well as marketing expert in different other occasions. Harijs enjoys bringing marketing and efficiency tips to future marketing experts.

Harijs in a few tweet:

An award-winning project in the new post pandemic context must... "find new purpose of motivation!"

My advice to the nominees is... "don’t stop believing!"

“Live Free” is Bea World 2022 Claim. What is live free for you?... "For me live free is a state of mind where I’m happy with who I’m, what I do and what I have."

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