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Senior Marketing Manager, Global Events

Hannah Shecter


Hannah Shecter is the Senior Marketing Manager, Global Events at Adform. She is in charge of managing over 20 countries' marketing engagement strategies and organizing Adform’s flagship Global Events. She manages end-to-end event marketing, from event branding and communications to on-site management and maximizing lead generation. With a background in all areas of the events and tourism industry, she brings over 10 years of experience and expertise in her field. Hannah is originally from Canada but moved to Germany in her early twenties. Her international travels give her a global and multicultural perspective which she is able to incorporate in her everyday work.

Hannah in a few tweets

  • An award-winning project in the new post pandemic context must keep us engaged digitally and think outside of the ‘zoom box’
  • ‘Simplicity is the new gold’ means a simple experience can be better at leaving a lasting impression.
  •  Others say about me that you never know that I am stressed because I am always smiling, and that I am a creative problem solver.
  • My biggest challenge is managing 25 countries different event marketing ‘cultural’ expectations
  • My advice to the nominees we live in a new world, so present yourself in a new way
  • Know your story well rather than the big picture

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