Bea World Festival

Eva Annokkee


Eva is owner and managing director of International Orange, a Live Communication Agency based in Amsterdam but working around the globe for a select number of clients. Her agency does indeed offer production assistance, but its forte is actually in building strategic partnerships. The events produced (mainly B2B and B2E) are always content-driven. The name of her agency was carefully chosen: International Orange is the name of the paint used on the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco, that bright orange/red colour we all know. ‘International’ stands for her preferred field of play and ‘Orange’ highlights the Dutch heritage. For the past 14 years she has proudly referred to this colour in the company’s tagline: Colouring Brands & Events. Eva also very proudly represents the Dutch Live Communication industry, serving as Chairman of IDEA (Independent Dutch Event Association) for the past 4 years, and is an active member of LiveCom Alliance, the pan-European Live Communication authority.

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