Bea World Festival
ING Belgium
Head of Sponsoring & Events

Delphine Baise


Delphine Baise has built a strong experience in working within an international framework. She joined ING 22 years ago as a communication expert. She loves driving energized teams like nowadays in sponsoring (sports, art, music and business) and in brand and business activation on (digital) events. Until 2019, she was the President of the Sponsoring Expertise Centre of Union Belge des Annonceurs. Inspiring young talents, she is also a lecturer at IHECS in the Master in Event Management.

Delphine in a few tweet

An award-winning project in the new post pandemic context must... "leave us inspired and ambitious while showing great mastery of complexity."

My advice to the nominees:.. "Be bold in messaging and sharp in strategy and results"

“Live Free” is Bea World 2022 Claim. What is live free for you?... "Live Free is a claim about openness, creation, energy and the continuous search for inner sense."

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