Bea World Festival
Head of Events and Protocol Spain

Belén Fierro


Back in 1992, after arriving almost by accident at the company’s Press and Public Relations Department, Belén discovered a world exciting enough to make her go back to University and graduate at the Facultad de Ciencias de la Información. This world has been her life since. Both the company and the department, as well as herself, have grown in parallel. Today, Airbus is a worldwide company with more than 140,000 employees from over 100 nationalities. The Communication Department is fully integrated, providing endless possibilities to the area of Comms. Belén has the privilege of leading a wonderful and highly motivated team, devoted to events, protocol and PR. Working on more than a thousand events has rewarded them with plenty of experience and satisfaction. Luckily enough, it has been like this for over 18 years.  Besides organising events and hospitality, and offering protocol advice in Spain for the whole company, being integrated with a transnational team has the additional advantage of providing a truly international flavor to the operation, as well as allowing her to prepare and participate in events, fairs, exhibitions, etc., beyond Spanish borders.

Belén in a few Tweets:

  • Others say about me that I’m a very perseverant box of surprises.
  • My biggest challenge is to keep on delivery top of the top events.
  • An award-winning project must shine like the sun and like the sun, warmly create emotion.
  • My advice to the nominees: spend time and effort in preparing a great presentation.
  • The Nature of Events is emotion.
  • Collaboration in events means commitment, believe in what you do and enjoy every single minute. Even the bad ones…
  • “Co-creation” makes me think of synergies, the power of union, creativity.

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