Bea World Festival
VSE Holding a.s., e.on member
Head of Communication Department and Spokesperson

Andrea Danihelova


Since 2005, Andrea has been working Slovak – German energy corporation as the Head of Communication Department and Spokesperson. She is a member of the Association of European Communication Directors and an active member in Business Leaders Forum and Pontis Foundation in Slovakia. She is the Alumni of Humphrey Fellowship Program at Michigan State University. She has as well 18 years experiences in organizing various live and online events e.g. International Retail group conferences, International IT conferences or live and event communication projects.

Andrea in a few Tweets

I love exploring and meeting new people. I see obstacles as an opportunity for growing and learning new things. Others say about me that I am enthusiastic with lots of energy. I believe that helping others is the quick way how to find true happiness and making someone day much brighter.

An award-winning project in the new post pandemic context must be.. "... innovative, creative, sustainable, combining live and online activities and be inspiration for others."

My advice to the nominees : "be open minded, be free, be creative."

“Live Free” is Bea World 2022 Claim. What is live free for you? "Live free for me means that nothing but everything can turn into a miracle, if you really wish."

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