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innogy South East Europe
Head of Communication Department and Spokesperson

Andrea Danihelova


Since 2005, Andrea has been working as the Head of Communication Department and Spokesperson for Innogy, a Slovak-German energy corporation belonging to Innogy brand. With the growth of energy business and new projects in other countries such as Croatia and Slovenia, she has become responsible for communication activities at Innogy South East Europe where a new brand and products were introduced in the market. She is a member of the Association of European Communication Directors and an active member of Business Leaders Forum and Pontis Foundation in Slovakia which are organizing Via Bona, the national prize for CSR projects. Here she has been as a jury member for more than 4 years. She is also a lecturer in CSR topic at the Economic University in Bratislava, Slovakia. Moreover, she is responsible for internal and external communication in Slovak subsidiary in Kosice. She has an 18-year experience in organizing both internal and external events. The latest are international Retail Innogy group conferences, international IT conference and internal live and event communication projects for thousands of employees.

Andrea in a few Tweets

  • Others say about me that I am creative, enthusiastic, eager to try new and innovative things.
  • My biggest challenge is to fulfil all my plans.
  • An awards-winning project must be creative in ideas and budgetwise, and must bring benefits to a company, product or community.
  • My advice to the nominees: be honest, be open, be proud of your work, accept comments and criticism and take it as a gift. Share your experiences with others.
  • The nature of events means following the target group and the purpose of the event to reach the wished outcome.
  • Collaboration in events is an essential key to co-creation.
  • “Co-creation” makes me think of putting all heads together and make the best of the ideas to create an excellent and unique event.

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