Bea World Festival
Squad Lead Major Events & Product Launches

André Gebhardt


Connectivity, data analytics and digitization: André has been bringing all these topics together for T-Systems at trade fairs and events for more than seven years. As Squad Lead for Major Events & Product Launches, he has consistently relied on the Customer Journey approach in order to anchor the customer perspective as the top priority in planning. For him, this also includes an authentic, sustainable customer approach.

André in a few tweets

  •   An award-winning project in the new post pandemic context must… must be a unique, exciting digital journey or moment. The project has to do meet the requirements of the digital space.
  • ‘Simplicity is the new gold’ means… that we simplify things to such an extent that they still do meet the complexity of things. A dream idea!
  • Others say about me that… that I think too much critical question and too complicated. I mean: It is all a question of perspective. Many ask too few questions and present things too simply.
  • My biggest challenge is... to think and develop a "digital event" in such a way that it meets the demands of the digital space. And not just a digitalization of a previously physical event
  • My advice to the nominees: Do not think too much about previous limits and specifications. Trying out a lot.

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