Bea World Festival
Global Director of Strategic Events and Experiences

Amanda Whitlock


Amanda Whitlock is Director, Global Strategic Events and Experiences, EY (formerly Ernst & Young).  Amanda started her career as an EA, and for the past 16 years has been working in Events.  Amanda has organised events across the globe and today she is responsible for all global events delivered by EY including World Entrepreneur of the Year and Innovation Realized.  Amanda is passionate about delivering innovative events. Amanda has lived in Melbourne, Sydney and Amsterdam and travelled to over 55 countries.

Amanda in a few tweets

An award-winning project in the new post pandemic context must… "be exciting, innovative and make the audience feel and engage differently."

My advice to the nominees is... "Be confident with your work and Good Luck!"

“Welcome to the new stage” is Bea World 2021 Claim. Welcome to the new stage means… "We are in unprecedented times, hopefully re-emerging after 18 months of extremely challenging circumstances across the Globe and it is our change to now redefine the event landscape."

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