Bea World Festival

Make Your Adrenaline Fly with Aero Gravity!


30 November

09:20 - 13:00


Via Masaccio 19, 20149 Milano


Have you always dreamed of jumping out of an airplane and skydive, but you are looking for something safer? With this activity anyone will be able to fly, enjoying the excitement of free fall skydiving, with the same adrenaline rush, but in complete safety. At Aero Gravity, an avantgarde indoor skydiving facility, the only one in Italy, you will fly in the vertical wind tunnel with the largest flight chamber in the world. A glass cylinder of 5.2 meters in diameter and 21 meters in height, with 6 super powerful turbines, an air flow up to 370 km/h, capable of beating the force of gravity and suspending you in the midair. We guarantee you the maximum fun at zero risks. Aero Gravity is also the ideal place to host exclusive events at the highest level, the first choice to impress the clients and give them a unique and unforgettable experience.

IMPORTANT BOOKING INFORMATION: You will be able to sign up for one leisure activity ONLY as they all run simultaneously. Bookings can be done through Bea World 2019 mobile app (available for iOS and Android starting from November) and will close on 29 November at 14:30.