Foro Italico


25 November

11:00 - 13:00


Viale del Foro Italico, Roma


The “Parco del Foro Italico” represents the most important multifunctional structure, open seven days a week, 365 days a year and capable of generating siginificant revenues thanks to the international and national sport events hosted. It is located in the heart of Rome and includes sports facilities and historical buildings like Stadio Olimpico, Stadio dei Marmi, Tennis Complex and the Swimming Pool Complex. The tour we offer consisting in a very engaging itinerary between these structures through the largest events that have been hosted. The focus of the itinerary is the the Stadio Olimpico Tour, a project developed with A.S. Roma S.p.A., S.S. Lazio S.p.A. and FIGC (Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio), which allows guests to relive the great events happened in this stadium and their main protagonists, through a unique and unforgettable experience. A great project that aims to open the doors of the Stadio Olimpico, showing its most secret places (from the changing rooms to the playing field), the memorabilia connected to the great stars in a highly experiential environment.   BOOK HERE  

IMPORTANT BOOKING INFORMATION: You will be able to sign up for one leisure activity ONLY as they all run simultaneously. Bookings will close on 23 November at 14:30.