Bea World Festival

A Visionary Voyage through Science and Technology


30 November

09:15 - 12:45


Via Masaccio 19, 20149 Milano


Take your chance to visit the largest Museum of Science and Technology in Italy, one of the most important ones in Europe and in the world, founded in 1953 from a great idea, which was visionary then as it is still today. Founded to host the monks of the Olivetan order, the central body of the Museum was built in the early 16th century as a monastery. Visit the exhibition dedicated to space, discover the technologies behind the exploration of the universe and see the only Moon fragment exhibited in Italy. Retrace the history of flight, navigation and rail transport through some of the Museum’s most evocative historical objects such as the transatlantic Conte Biancamano, the Toti submarine and the Luna Rossa catamaran. Discover the ancient refectory of the San Vittore Olivetan Monastery, a masterpiece of Milanese Baroque art.

IMPORTANT BOOKING INFORMATION: You will be able to sign up for one leisure activity ONLY as they all run simultaneously. Bookings can be done through Bea World 2019 mobile app (available for iOS and Android starting from November) and will close on 29 November at 14:30.