Rome 2019. Presentation to international buyers of the new brand positioning and the new FW20 collection through an exciting show inspired by the upcoming Tokyo Olympics.

Heroes, an evocative title that tells the story of Arena through its people.
Heroes are the athletes that sacrifice themselves every day, training hard trying to surpass themselves.
Heroes are the people at Arena who work to innovate and redesign style in the world of sport.
This show is dedicated to them, a eulogy of Arena’s values becomes an immersive choreography inside the Piscina dei Mosaici where space becomes a visual experience. A cast of 42 artists including dancers, the national synchronised swimming team and springboard divers bring a set built in the water to life. Technology with holographic projections and water mapping complete the magic.

RINGANA virtual Convention 2020

Instead of a blurry webcam look, the RINGANA virtual convention amazed the audience with high quality content and a flawless shopping experience. Resulting in more than 15.000 happy viewers.

Desperate time call for innovative measures – as innovation is a main part of RINGANAs philosophy, we saw the opportunity to redefine the idea of their yearly convention.

Reflecting beauty, turning it inside out, go into the deep microscopic level of substances, – looking at the conecept of beatuy these days and from historic, cultural perspective, from the philosophic point of view.

that was the base for the creation of our storytelling. A Tv formated show with interactive dance performance, trainings, panel discussions, speeches, live broadcast to 5 Citys in 5 countries

The event plattform accompanied with different visuals states included an exclusive shopping experience , personalized user experience though smart ticket/registration processes (e.g. personal welcome), places to share their achievements and emotions with others.
The RINGANA virtual convention web stream player was handmade/programmed, integrated the varierty of translations into 9 languages and interaction.

EDP Knock Out Pitch @ Web Summit’19

Creation of a disruptive brand experience for the presence of EDP at Web Summit 2019, a Portuguese energy company whose target was startups and the overall Web Summit audience.

There were four different experiences within the stand: 1. EDP Knock Out Pitch; 2. Be the Next Unicorn; 3. EDP Interactive Innovation Journey; 4. Lounge Area
The EDP Knock Out Pitch – Mind Blowing Ideas concept was designed to attract startups to the EDP Universe. We have created a boxing ring, with a lifting platform for the startups to present their ideas.
Be the Next Unicorn – We created a lifting Unicorn to generate buzz about the stand on social media, with instant photo sharing.
To present EDP’s innovation projects, we created the EDP Interactive Innovation Journey, an immersive cube isolated from the Web Summit frenzy, in which the interaction with the contents was actioned by gestures, providing an interactive journey through the universe of EDP’s innovation projects.
In the lounge area it was possible to have extra in-depth meetings with startups after the pitch, charge mobile phones or other devices and also relax.


“Time to be audacious” show, a symmetrical experience live and digital. A “racing opera”, born from the sound, voice and heart of Maserati, to guide the guest through its vision to unveil the new MC20

Maserati “Time to be audacious” is the definition and the common denominator, which inspired this project. Starting from the brand’s vision and to transcend genres and definitions, the show was designed to blend real and virtual in a symmetrical experience between live and digital. A colossal screen, a monolith emptied inside and a sky to complete the anamorphic and alienating nature of the scene. A halo of cars as a parterre to host part of the public and a functional location: the Modena racetrack. A temporary theatre in a racetrack to host a “racing opera”, a celebration of legendary daring and style. The concept originates from the sound and is based, also visually, on the interpretation of the brand’s voice, creating parallelism with the beating heart of the Maserati genius: the Neptune engine. The pace is fast and cinematic to guide the user through the contemporary vision of the brand, paving the way for the unveiling of the new MC20.

IFA 2019

IFA, a world leading consumer electronics tradeshow, draws over 24,5000 media and trade visitors from 160 countries. The event is a strategic opportunity to showcase the latest product innovations.

As a long-standing IFA exhibitor, Philips wanted to shake things up with their approach for IFA 2019. Visitors were treated to an innovative immersive improv theatre experience with unique features, cool technology and fun audience interactions.
Visitors were welcomed to the Healthy Home by the Philips Family, who were preparing for a housewarming party. A cast of actors played out scripted and improv scenes in rooms of the house using Philips products. Most importantly, visitors were encouraged to participate in various product experiences that demonstrated how Philips adaptive products could be personalised to meet the needs of individual consumers.
Visitors were then invited back to the booth at 4.30pm for the start of the housewarming party and were treated to a high-energy, fun and fully immersive party experience.
Other cool experiences included a projection mapped piece, an upside-down room experience, and a polaroid photo experience—just to name a few!

EDP’s Global Employee Meeting

In just 2 months, the pioneering and innovative concept MADE OF US was created for one of the largest corporate events held in Portugal: the EDP’s Global Employee Meeting.

The transformation of one of the biggest showrooms in Portugal into a 180-degree immersive experience, with a pioneering scenography that resulted in an authentic sensory journey through giant screens that went around the ceiling of the room with mapped projection, to which were added two main stages. Before entering the main room through illuminated tunnels, employees had the opportunity to experience several activations. From Glam Cam activities to a Solidarity Library, where participants donated nearly 400 books to the social project “Na Rua com Histórias”. Other solidarity initiatives were present, such as the donation of surplus catering to Refood, and the donation of a year of free energy to two institutions that were voted by employees during the event. How did this last initiative work? During the two days of the event, every time employees clapped, a device would capture the energy of the clapping and the total amount was converted into kW of energy donated to the institutes.

Russian Film and Television Producers Awards, Virtual Experience

Film & TV Producers Association’s award is a professional prize for film production achievements–Russian equivalent of the Emmys. The most venerable producers of Russia are among awards’ jury members.

For 7 years,the award ceremony took place in the best concert halls in Moscow.But 2020 disrupted all plans.There was an urgent need to change the format.Russian Film and Television Producers Association(RFTPA)contacted several agencies with a request to organize a virtual event,but no one dared to take such a complex brief to be executed in the shortest possible timeframe of 2 weeks.Channel Five accepted the challenge.The task was to invent and produce the first-ever TV broadcast format of a virtual award ceremony:live presenter segments from the studio,graphic overlays,playback of prerecorded videos,music overlays and sound mix.200 people of showbiz celebrities located in different time zones participated in the video conference.As a result, a new technical solution based on several platforms was invented.For the very first time a 48 sq.meter video wall with a parallax effect was used to change locations in the studio where the presenter was in contact with the participants.

Istanbul Backgammon Tournament

Istanbul Backgammon Tournament, the largest e-sports tournament in Turkey aimed to give motivation for Istanbul city people at Covid lockdown from July to August and broke Guinness World Records.

Participation in the tournament was free and participants all around the world could join the tournament by downloading the Backgammon Stars game to their phone or tablet via Google Play or Apple store. During the tournament month, participants passed from preliminary, qualifying, and to the final rounds. Our team answered the questions participants had for the Tournament on our Youtube Page in engaging, fun, and interactive content. We reached out to the news media and partnered with respected public figures such as the anchorwoman Burcu Esmersoy, the footballers Alex de Souza, and Fernando Muslera, and the NBA basketball player Cedi Osman. We made public announcements and showed their support for the tournament. Also, celebrities from United States to Russia, from Turkey to Colombia announced the tournament. We have donated revenue to help stray animals that live on the streets.

Pensar Maior 2019, Fidelidade

This event takes place every 2 years, bringing together Fidelidade’s workers and partners from different parts of the world, with the main goal of discussing and sharing the company’s strategy.

From the “Think Bigger” concept we switched from the classic stage to what we call the “BOX”, which provided an immersive experience throughout the event! A three-dimensional projection box, with 42×22 meters in size, a resolution of 12.287×9.578, approximately 118 million pixels and 420,000 lumens. All projected content was created from scratch, specifically for the BOX format. All in all, 7 agencies were responsible for creating and producing the contents for the speakers, ensuring that they explored the box potential to its fullest. Since the projected content was tailor-made, and to ensure that everything was pixel perfect, prior to the event we built a small replica of the box, to test all the contents and fine-tune editing details.

Circus on water

A unique way of getting to know the fauna of the Canary Islands. As the world increasingly responds to animal performances in the circus arena, the Water Laser Show has expressed its solidarity.

CIRCUS ON WATER project became fun for the whole family. The impressive design capabilities allowed the show to be performed in a space more than 10 meters high and 100 meters wide. With these dimensions and the professional application of technology, it was possible to create a promising show that fascinated every participant and, at least for a short time, every child was cared away into a magical and mysterious world of 3D WATER CIRCUS.
Stationary system that can be used to enjoy water show in areas where are no water. This is the only system in the world created by WATER LASER SHOW! Patented invention! Now you can see the water show on the football field, in the meadow or even on the sandy arena, with the aid of this world’s only patented device the place of water show event belongs to your imagination. The future starts now!
Last year, the very first directory of sustainable businesses in the Canary Island was launched! We’re very excited to be a part of it!


Create a great event for the UniCredit sales network were celebrate the results achieved, create the path for 2020 and talk about the importance of each one as an individual and as part of a team.

To convey the determination and courage of the company, Synapsy organized a rock festival where corporate messages were converted into Music. The location was transformed into a Concert Arena and a Village. Keywords and company messages were expressed with music and TED like speeches inserted within the festival. The host of the event was Paola Maugeri, who told the story of Queen in a parallelism on the vision, innovation, teamwork and passion that drives the company. In the village, the participants challenged each other with guitar riffs, dressed up as Queen band members, created T-shirts and banners to be displayed during the evening show. The highlight of the event was the evening Tribute Concert on Queen for which Synapsy gathered the best musicians and singers from all over the world in a big band created ad hoc. Written and directed by the agency, the evening concert staged Queen’s most famous songs, combining music, choreography, light design and video in a great show.

BUDX Miami

Budweiser launched their biggest integrated marketing program in history during Super Bowl LIV in Miami. An epic content-generating once in a life-time experience starring international creators.

Budweiser doesn’t build experiences for the sake of building experiences, but rather, telling compelling stories through the lens of its brand and ambassadors. New age creators have a major impact and add a whole new dimension to traditional marketing. They are great storytellers with great engagement and are co-creators of culture online. When it comes to how they engage with brands, more than any other generation, they crave authenticity. Experiential marketing creates that real connection with like-minded.

In Miami, Budweiser invited 200 Kings of culture from over 21 countries for three days. Gave them the perfect backdrop, a stage to showcase their creativity and a content studio to create the ultimate content to share their stories. The entire BUDX Miami program was built around a “publisher mind-set,” meaning Budweiser needed to understand what creators value, to provide them the ultimate content driven experience. Budweiser, only gave them the tools, they created the rest.