Sales Launch Levi Strauss &Co

The Sales Launch is a biannual event for the Sales teams and main clients of the Levi’s and Dockers brands. 900 guests converged from all over Europe to Amsterdam for a 4-day programme composed of 47 workshops, 9 on-stage presentations with exclusive speakers, 20 meetings, and an outstanding fashion show. This is the brand’s milestone event, designed to inspire and engage the entire European network during a unique experience launching the Fall-Winter 2018 collection.

VO worked on the Levi’s storytelling by creating a gigantic ‘Experience Centre’ that showcased the brand’s history, its the values, campaigns and projects… No less than a Levi’s Culture Centre that shows how Levi’s reinvents itself and embraces new trends. The theme for this edition was We, the People. ‘We’ because all its participants (re)write the brand’s history on a daily basis. Let’s live together, continue the story together, and accomplish extraordinary things together.

Scarlet Sales – the holiday of Russian schools’ graduates, the 50th anniversary.

A cultural and entertainment event in the form of a unique multimedia pyromusical show that coincides with the 50th anniversary of the holiday and is aimed at motivating young people, who just graduated school, to respect the cultural heritage of their native country.

A story from the book “Scarlet Sails” by Alexander Grin lies in the festival’s core. The main figure of the festival, a brigantine under scarlet sails, is a symbol of love, hope and a brighter future. It is the message of the holiday’s organizers to the graduates of the country.

The realization of the creative idea is truly fantastic: a grand pyrotechnic and light show in the historical scenery of the city, live symphonic music and a concert with a unique scenography make the Scarlet Sails a fairy tale that comes true. The technical and creative level grows every year, the culmination moment, when a fairy brigantine under the scarlet sails appears in the Neva water area, has become a symbol of the city that is known and recognized all over the world.

Singularity University Summit

The first summit of this world-renowned university held in Central and Eastern Europe – in Prague – brought together world leading thinkers, scientists, innovators from Silicon Valley, or Nasa, professors from Stanford, or Berkeley, gathering the best ideas in many different fields – AI, Ethics, Robotics, Neuroscience, Genetics, Longevity, Internet of Things, Big Data, Blockchain, etc. People from 30 countries participated.

Because PAST EMPOWERS THE FUTURE we brought together two different worlds – OLD & NEW. Prague is famous for its beautiful architecture, so we held the Summit in the Žofín Palace, a Neo-Renaissance building dating from 1837.


SIYUM – Seek In Your United Mind -The 1st international Investment Forumof Architecture and Design. THE MISSION OF FORUM is to promote the image of the regions of Russia at the international architectural level as one of the highly developed creative potential.

The acronym SIYUM (Seek In Your United Minds) reflects the philosophy of the Forum, which is based on two concepts: unification of people and changing of thinking. All people are different and look at the world from different angles. Only by uniting you can see the full picture, build cities of the future and achieve perfection. To change the picture of the world, you should start with an individual and their views. Changes in thinking trigger a chain reaction and affect global things. Changes begin with you” was the motto of the event.

Smart Air Solutions Days – Atlas Copco – Change is in the air

Atlas Copco Global Sales Force, 950 people, where flown into Belgium/ Antwerp. Reason: In many product ranges new products where launched. The launch day on monday was followed by 3 days of intensive interactive training sessions, providing them all necessary content and product knowledge so sales could increase. But more important was the Emotional Goal, increasing their level of pride, their sense of commitment, engagment. Showing a new vibe, positive changes, fresh air, …

We stayed far away of the use of the existing AC branding. Of course we implemented it but we didn’t start from it. We created an entire new world, a new look and feel that focused on the story, on the emotions. Being a global company and working with all different nationalities we linked this with color! It was spring, flowers would blossom, fresh air. Compressors work with air, air means wind, blow, … we thought of the Indian concept Holi where colors are blown by people into the streets; we saw joy and laughter, we felt freshness and excitement. A campaign was born! We made it stronger by creating event visuals with real Atlas Copco Employees. We stayed far away from boring meeting rooms and typical break out sessions. We created 8 break out session in big Event Branded cylinders. We implemented an in ear system to cover up acoustic issues. The ugly translation booths were esthetically implemented. RFID tagging was used to make sure everybody was present in the right session.

Renaming of the Johan Cruijff ArenA

What’s the best way to rename Amsterdam ArenA stadium after one of the greatest soccer players ever, namely Johan Cruyff? By engaging as many people as possible, in the Netherlands and abroad, despite a very limited budget. At iconic Johan Cruyff locations, locals, fans, and friends got the unique chance to honor Cruyff with the stadium that was renamed after him. Everyone got the chance to press a specially designed red button, helping to turn the Amsterdam ArenA into the Johan Cruijff ArenA.

We wanted the stadium to be opened by the real fans and friends. It was definitely not supposed to be a VIP party. So we gave everyone the chance to rename the stadium with a personal touch. We brought the red button on the red carpet” to the people. At 14 (Johans shirt number) different iconic locations over the course of a weekend, we asked the public to officially rename the ArenA. Not to only inform them, but to involve and engage them! Johan was after all, of ‘all the people’! A selection of the most personal and special messages was edited down and shown to the press during the official event, which took place on the birthday of Johan Cruyff. The last person to be shown in the series was Johan Cruyff’s personal friend and famous soccer player Frank Rijkaard, who pressed the same red button in the same setting where more than 4,000 fans had pressed it before him.

Nuvola Lavazza – Opening

A press conference-show to present the new Nuvola Lavazza headquarters. Introducing the project to italian and international journalists, institutions and friends. Bringing to life the atmosphere and the philosophy of a unique project. Valuing and maximizing the contribution and testimonies of the Lavazza Family along with leading figures in architecture, food, scenography and design, named Golden Team starring: Cino Zucchi, Ferran Adrià and Federico Zanasi,Dante Ferretti and Ralph Appelbaum

A press conference-show within a schedule of events integrated for the opening of the new Lavazza headquarter. 560 attendees, among national and international press, institutions and important guests. The historic façade of the Centrale, dominated by a large window that, thanks to an impressive projection system, became a dynamic video surface able to transport the guests on a journey inside Nuvola. An exceptional moderator, the Italian actor Pierfrancesco Favino, led the story of the system of spaces, through the testimonies of the Lavazza Family and the Golden Team who designed it. At the end of the press conference, journalists visited Nuvola in thematic tours with excellent guides: one member of the Lavazza family and one of the Golden Team unveil the places of Nuvola: from the Bistrot to the Lavazza interactive Museum, from the Condividere restaurant to the headquarter, from IAAD (institute of Applied art and design) to the archaeological area discovered during construction.

Renault Alaskan test drives

For the new vehicle Renault Alaskan, Renault asked us to offer a never-seen-before experience.

For this event, we privatized a very natural and authentic location with lakes and mountains: a lake in the middle of the Triglav National Park in Slovenia. This unexpected destination allowed journalists to test all the car’s capacities, and created a never-seen-before experience.


OBOS 24 – The world’s first attempt to create 24 festivals, every hour for a very special day and night.
All of the festivals were streamed live on Facebook, completing a 24-hour broadcast on Facebook live.

OBOS’ goal was to create an activation to accentuate their partnership with the festival “Oslo Sommertid”, and to offer cultural experiences to a broader audience.
By creating OBOS 24 – JCP Nordic and Ekko Agency created the best ever sponsorship recognition measured in Norway.

We wanted to use this opportunity to give back to all those who didn’t have the chance to experience ”Oslo Sommertid”, OBOS-members and non-members alike. We also aimed to strengthen ties with OBOS’ partners in the cultural field.

To achieve this, we created a mobile festival – bringing music to the places where people live, work, go to school, and hang out.

We wanted to cater to everyone, and in a vibrant city like Oslo, there is always someone awake. From the early morning garbage man to the late night club-goers, we wanted to make sure everyone could join in on the fun. So we went live for 24 hours. 24 festivals in 24 hours.

To make sure everyone in the country could take part in the event, we set up a Facebook Live broadcast with hosts in the studio who interviewed various guests and engaged the viewers with competitions and giveaways for 24 hours, in addition to the livestreams from all 24 festivals. This has now proved to be Norway’s longest Facebook Live broadcast ever.

REVLON Professional Style Masters Awards 2018

The Style Masters Awards is the biggest hairstyling contest in the world, recognizing the work of the best hair professionals. Awards are bestowed in a gala show where hairstylists present their creations live, in front of 4,000 attendees. Revlon Professional event comprises several hairstyle catwalks, every of them inspired by the brand’s main product lines.

For this Style Master Show 2018 our teams created different areas of live show, in separated or interconnected levels, according to the event dynamics and rhythm. Large see-through fabrics of 9×3 meters, shaped a giant rectangle (33x18m) fully projectable both in its outer part and its inner floor. This, this versatile geometrical form allowed choreographies to be performed in the inside, while the outside projections interacted with the dancers; other times, the surface projections were hiding the scene inside the rectangle; and finally, shows and parades took place in the outer perimeter, and fabrics could move upwards to reveal the show from the rectangle interior, now elevated 5 meters over the floor. A great live show, ever-changing and unique.

On-Site Meeting

An event for internal employees on the construction site of their new offices to minimise potential negative impact of moving on business. We had to let them create positive emotions towards their new place and communicate that employer really care about their employees and their wellbeing.

We had to come with an idea how to create positive emotions towards new office premises as well answer all possible questions and doubts. The best decision was to take people right there and let them spend time on the site to see for themselves where their offices will be, what their facilities will be like. It took a tremendous energy to adjust site to have an event there. We took the architecture plans and sprayed the lines where every office wall will be built. We screened 3D visualisations in real space. To demonstrate where common areas such as canteen, library or even nap room will be we used the combination of visual and real experience. Hence the employees could have had laid in the bed, sit in the armchair which will be in library room but at the same time those spaces were visualised on decorated walls. To decorate the walls we have decided to stay in construction site style and we have used electric tape to express the originality of their new premises.