Togetherness – Made by you

The brief was: AniCura’s vision is to deliver the best veterinary care in Europe. We know our employees are key. How can we get all employees together under the same brand, which many of them do not yet have a relation to, and create an affinity to AniCura, and not only to the individual clinic?

AniCura’s business model is built on a belief in creating a strong sense of responsibility and decision making among the employees.

Synergy Global Forum 2017

Synergy Global Forum 2017- is the Russian largest business forum. Our objective is to provide a communication platform for business education, which help to develop our business and corporate elite of our state. That is going to be the basis for a breakthrough of economic growth. SGF 2017 is a unique spot where Top Internationally recognized headliners & top Russian speakers has been providing lectures for participants of our forum. That is a great opportunity to learn from business leaders.

Synergy Global Forum 2017 is the largest business event Russia ever had. For our team it is not just a business forum, but a big show with good sound, big screens and special effects.


Coca Cola, World Beverage player, currently faces a new phase and commercial expansion, expanding the portfolio of the brand, to areas such as energy drinks, teas, and biologics alongside other novelties. We were asked in briefing to hold a corporate event for the top clients, highly experencial, to show the new philosophy, give to taste the new products, all in an unusual and high-impact form, so that the audience would never forget it.

Creative support was inspired from Coca Cola Iberia, a event already made under the name Tomorrow is now, was suggested for us to use as inspiration. There was the idea of creating spaces for experimentation, to perform the event in a different and emblematic venue, and a visual. As requirements we would have to include a bar area, a meeting area, different product tasting spaces in a dynamic way and 8 to 22 meeting rooms one to one.

TAPI gas pipeline – Afghanistan side ground breaking ceremony

On February 2018 the ceremony, dedicated to the TAPI crossing the border between Turkmenistan and Afghanistan was held. TAPI is the largest gas pipeline, currently under construction in Central Asia. This milestone event was attended by top-officials of 4 involved countries and about 500 distinguished guests from Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. 2 shows on both sides of the state border were created by our team: multidimensional flythrough video and 360° panorama presentation.

Turkmenistan is a strict country, strongly carrying its traditions. Multimedia technology is not widely used there. However, they want to show themselves as an innovative country, which looks to the future.
Both locations were complicated in terms of logistics. In Turkmenistan it lies in the desert: in 1 hour from the closest village and almost 18 hours from nearest airport. Our idea was to build an immersive space, where, during the show, all walls, floor and ceiling become a seamless screen.
This event had two parts: formal, where top-officials speaks and multimedia show. During first one screens were hidden behind white fabric, that is quite traditional for Turkmenistan, and visitors had no idea where the presentation will held. After all reports light goes down and magic begins!
In Afghanistan we built up a 360-degree screen inside of existing conference hall. The story, shown there, was about friendship between countries, with breathtaking panoramic views of both.

Toyota – Start Your Impossible

Toyota Motor Company launched the global campaign Start Your Impossible, an initiative born from the partnership with the Olympic and Paralympic Games Committees. Objective of the event was the presentation to the press, authorities and stakeholders of the new campaign and of the Toyota Team, a selection of athletes as Ambassadors of the campaign in Italy.

The set up was studied all around the symbol of the Olimpic Games, as a celebration of it: the five circles were an exclusive showcase containing the trophys of the Toyota Olimpic Team, placed in the centre of the main stage. All around immersive projections followed all the moments of the events with lights and images of the emotional campaign Toyota – Start your impossible.

Terrazza Martini Temporary

A temporary lounge bar to enjoy the Italian aperitif by Martini in a memorable scenario with several engaging and entertaining activities.

PLAY WITH TIME, the time to enjoy aperitif with your friends.
For the occasion, aperitif turns into UPeritivo: in Terrazza Martini Temporary, cocktails can be tasted while sitting on a Ferris wheel, setting the scene and making the moment memorable.
An open space lounge bar with several engaging activities and artistic installations: from Tilt Brush performances by Emiliano Ponzi to the “Vocabolario dell’aperitivo” (aperitif vocabulary) by the artist Momusso, Martini fragrances crafted by Luca Maffei, DJ sets hosting Valentina Sartorio, Nora Bee, Ketty Passa, and live shows of the award-winning flair bartender Bruno Vanzan.

Roche Healthcare Consulting Brand Launch

Roche Diagnostics International came to a point where a new brand was about to be born. A new brand which will communicate the start of the new era. The aim of Roche Healthcare Consulting brand launch was to engage the internal and external stakeholders in the new brand’s world.

We knew, we need to come with something big. To strike and surprise, so the emotional experience will create a deep impact and seed the new brand’s communication intensions. So we decided to do something unbelievable, something that no one has never done before. We set everything to present the brand’s values and clearly explain the drivers behind focusing on the 4 key elements, like thorough, precise, evidence-based and smart.

Ruby RB1 Launch

In addition to white, milk and dark chocolate, Callebaut introduced as the first in the world a fourth chocolate variant; Ruby RB1 with its all natural pink colour. Chocolatiers, pastry professionals and chefs were invited to Callebaut’s exclusive launch event to come and taste this new variety and discover all the possibilities prepared by top Belgian chefs. The event hall was completely set up in pink theme and was the setting for a Ruby live experience that enchanted 450 VIP guests.

The concept of the Ruby RB1 Launch Event, revolved around Hedonism. The idea was to create a new all-sensory experience that focused on pursuing and fulfilling your own ultimate pleasure and delight. The theme of hedonism comes from the new generation of consumers, mainly millennials (18-35 years old), who balance out a healthy lifestyle with a quest for extreme pleasure. This hedonisme concept was perfectly in line with the connotation of the Ruby chocolate and could be found anywhere in the event hall, down to the smallest detail; scents, colours, make-up, tastes, visuals,..

Russian Copper Company’s Pavilion

Simmetrico designed and delivered – in turn-key condition – a two-storey building with exhibition areas, meeting halls, kitchen, bar and restaurant. Their ability to harmonise functional, technological and aesthetic complexity led to a wow” space that captivated visitors, created photo opportunities for them and made them exclaim, This is the best stand!” The foundations of the project are the Italian taste of the design, technologies pushed to their limits and contents that are enjoyed as e

In the creative concept proposed by Simmetrico, copper plays the starring role. Copper was the first metal to be extracted and processed by human beings, and an entire age of human development is named after it. It is currently the world’s third most extracted metal and continues to be inseparably bound to the progress of technological innovation. Copper is part of our DNA of humans who are constantly evolving. The visual theme is a copper DNA chain that stretches across the entire pavilion. The building’s exterior is a trailer” of what visitors will see inside – it is almost a poster of the Russian company’s technological power, size and passion. Inside, everything is organised around a large kinetic column, the hub of the pavilion. A large helix staircase develops around it, leading to the first floor. The shiny white colour of the cover elements creates a precious space, balanced between a research laboratory and a reception hall.

Russian Rodeo Miratorg

Russian Rodeo is a unique project for Russia, the goal of which was to popularize agribusiness professions among children and youth, a professional mastery competition, a corporate function for employees and their families, an unforgettable show.

This Rodeo-style event is unique for Russia. No other company but Miratorg carries such projects out. Since the event was quite successful, the customer’s company decided to take the project to a new level. Next year anyone from any country of the world will be able to buy a ticket and become a participant of Miratorg’s Russian Rodeo.

S.Pellegrino Young Chef Grand Finale 2018

An international contest. A voyage through talent via a large show with television pace to find the world’s best young chef.

An event that evolves edition after edition. After the world selections from more than 3000 young chefs, the 21 finalists cook their signature dish under the supervision of their starred mentor-chefs. The jury of 7 starred chefs, ‘the 7 Wise People’, is from the 5 continents. The energy of the kitchens is shown in a scenic, visual system that immerses the public in the storytelling settings: the world, cooking, talent, the chefs and the brand’s values. The show is based on the power of images, which turns every chef into a star, and a screenplay that tells of the emotional times of the 21 participants and mentors in 60’, the progress made and the eliminations. This year, 2 guest stars – singer Tom Walker and Massimo Bottura. At the end, the 7 Wise People will create a gala dinner under Bottura’s direction. A path through food and excellence for the guests – welcome dinner by Cracco at Garage Italia, dinner at Villa Necchi by the former winners, and lunches by Cerea, Oldani and Pepe.

S7 Night Flight Show vol.2

S7 Airlines celebrating the birthday of the S7 Priority bonus program gives passengers the opportunity to win 1mln miles. The main task was to make the competition for a valuable prize in the way that no one had any doubts. The event was held in an immersive format where people traveled to different countries and, as a result, received a ID of one of the participants of the bonus program who received the million miles. There were only 120 people at the event and millions people watched online.

When developing the concept, we took into account the behavioral habits of the S7 Airlines target audience, as well as the latest trends in the event market. Hence we got the idea to make an immersive show, which will not only be interesting to participate, but also to watch online. (The goal was to broaden the audience of the project ). Analogues could not be found, so the entire format was invented from scratch. In the course of the project, the holding title Experience Fiction, which goes now with it together, was assigned to the new format. At the event, each location was created in a separate room and with its own specifics.